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Chris Roberts: Squadron 42 Has 'A Ways to Go' Before Beta

Star Citizen is back in the news after it recently hit Alpha 3.11.0. A recent AMA has seen frustrated fans and backers inquire about Squadron 42, and, well, Chris Roberts replied.

Winner for Star Citizen's Ship Showdown Crowned

The winner of Star Citizen's Ship Showdown contest was finally crowned after a close call.

Star Citizen Roadmap Update Will Allow Ship Combat in Rest Stop Armistice Zones

Cloud Imperium Games shared their latest Roadmap Roundup updates recently. Here are some of the notable changes coming to Star Citizen's roadmap.

Chris Roberts: Star Citizen Won't Take '10 to 20 Years to Deliver'

In a reply to a forum post, Chris Roberts of Star Citizen fame addressed concerns around the release of the game, and more.

Reminder, Star Citizen Free Fly Event Ongoing Till September 23

In case you missed it, there's a Free Fly event going on right now in Star Citizen until September 23.

Here's How Lighting is Handled in Star Citizen

A recent Star Citizen Live provided us all some more information on how the team at Cloud Imperium Games handles lighting in the universe.

Latest Star Citizen 'Calling All Devs' Video Explores How Server Caching and Other Tech Affects Gameplay

The latest Calling All Devs video for Star Citizen has arrived, looking at core tech updates.

Here's What's Happening in Star Citizen This Week

Star Citizen's latest community schedule has been published. Here's what's on the docket this week.

Star Citizen Updates Roadmap, Still No Word on Squadron 42

A new roadmap for Star Citizen's 3.12 went up recently, but Squadron 42 is notably missing.

Here's How Star Citizen's FPS Weapons Are Created

In an hour-long video, the Star Citizen team showed off how they create the FPS weapons for the persistent universe and Squadron 42.

Star Citizen Live Looks at Beast Armors

A recent Star Citizen Live was all about Beast Armors.

This Week in Star Citizen Features Foundation Festival

The latest This Week in Star Citizen outlines the events for the upcoming week, including the Foundation Festival.

Star Citizen Roadmap Roundup  Sees Several Cards Move to Polishing

The most recent roadmap roundup for Star Citizen announces several cards moving into polishing on the PU Roadmap.

Star Citizen Live Looks at Quantum Travel and More

The latest Star Citizen Live takes a look at quantum travel and more.

Star Citizen Live Takes a Look at Alpha 3.9

In the latest Star Citizen Live, the team looked at Alpha 3.9 and touched on what will and won’t arrive in the update.