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Building LotRO's Corsairs of Umbar: How MMO Expansions Come To Life

Over the course of an MMO's life, expansions are oftentimes the lifeblood that continues to fuel them. They expand the stories and worlds we love. In this multi-part series, we dive into how LotRO's Corsairs of Umbar took shape, from its first planning phases through its reveal. In this part, we learn how Corsairs of Umbar started its life in the minds of its developers.

The Lord of the Rings Online Adds the Mariner in Latest Update, and Opens Preorders for Corsairs of Umbar

The Lord of the Rings Online's expansion, Corsairs of Umbar, is now open for preorder ahead of its November 1st launch. Update 37.2 adds the Mariner class today, along with improvements and balance tweaks.

LotRO Pushes The Humble Homes Of Hobytlan Back A Week, Releasing August 29th

The latest update for The Lord of the Rings Online, Update 37's The Humble Homes of Hobytlan, has been delayed a week, according to Standing Stone Games on Twitter.

Vecna Unleashed Mini-Expansion  Goes Live in Dungeons & Dragons Online, With New Zones, Dungeons, and More

Take on Vecna's followers and work to foil his plans in the new Dungeons and Dragons Online mini-expansion, Vecna Unleashed, which also concludes the Codex of the Infinite Planes Saga in a big way.

Dungeons & Dragons Online's Mini Expansion, Vecna Unleashed, Opens Pre-Orders

Dungeons & Dragons Online's brand new mini expansion, Vecna Unleashed, is on the way, and available for preorder today. 

Lord of the Rings Online Posts Guardian Class Changes Headed to the Game in Update 37

Update 37 will bring some big changes to the Guardian class, which players will get to test now on the Bullroarer server which is open for testing.

The Lord of the Rings Online's Midsummer Festival Is Back June 8th Through July 4th

The focus of Lord of the Rings Online has been squarely on the realm of Gondor as of late, and the celebrations for Aragorn and Arwen take center stage this week with the return of the Midsummer Festival.

Update 36: Gondor Renewed Adds New Story, Zone, & Custom Difficulty Settings to The Lord of the Rings Online

Gondor Renewed, Update 36 for The Lord of the Rings Online, opens a new story, adds a new zone, and offers customizable difficulty settings all over (and increased rewards for turning up the difficulty).

Amazon's LotR MMO Isn't Going To Replace LotRO - And It Shouldn't Try To

Much of the talk this week around Amazon's new Lord of the Rings-based MMO is what it means for the existing Lord of the Rings MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online.

Standing Stone Games Reassures LOTRO Fans Concerned Over Amazon's New MMORPG

This week, Amazon Games announced a deal with Middle-earth Enterprises to make a new MMO based on The Lord of the Rings IP. Now, Standing Stone Games is reassuring players that The Lord of the Rings Online will continue.

The Lord of the Rings Online Celebrates 16th Anniversary, Adds New Customization Options and More in 35.1

The Lord of the Rings Online is marking its 16th anniversary. Update 35.1 goes live today and brings the anniversary event, along with new character customization options and visual updates in addition to fixes and other adjustments.

Dungeons & Dragons Online is Giving Away a Ton of Free Quest Packs Right Now

Dungeons & Dragons Online is once again offering up lots of free content and substantial discounts on even more adventures.

The Spring Festival is Back in The Lord of the Rings Online With Several New Items

The Spring Festival opens today in The Lord of the Rings Online. In addition to the returning spring event, Update 34.3 is here, with some adjustments and fixes.

Ill Omens Skirmish Returns to The Lord of the Rings Online  This Week With Update 34.2

The Ill Omens Skirmish returns to The Lord of the Rings Online. Update 34.2 also fixes a number of issues, from incorrect Delvings access to accidental teleportation.

LotRO's Southern Expansion Towards Umbar Should Be Exciting For Any Tolkien Fan

Last year when The Lord of the Rings Online teased the location of the next major expansion, Bradford was hoping for Mithlond. However, yesterday's announcement that it's in fact Umbar, it might have him more excited, especially as a Tolkien fanatic.