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E3 2021: Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Revealed, Brings Big Swords And Chaos To PlayStation, Xbox And PC

A new type of Final Fantasy was officially unveiled during the Square Enix Presents showcase of E3 2021. Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin (Yes, that is the FULL name) is coming in 2022 to PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

E3 2021: Marvel's Avengers War for Wakanda Gets a New Trailer, Details Upcoming Content

In the latest reveal during Square Enix's E3 2021 presentation, players were introduced to two new content releases headed into Marvel's Avengers later this year, along with more information about the next big expansion, Marvel's Avengers: War for Wakanda.

E3 2021: Guardians Of The Galaxy Won't Feature Microtransactions, Coming October 26th

Square Enix kicked off their showcase today during E3 2021 with their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game. The single player adventure game will also reportedly not feature any microtransactions or even DLC for that matter.

E3 2021: The First Six Final Fantasy Games Are Getting Remastered For PC and Mobile

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is coming to Steam and Mobile, bringing remasters of the first six original games in the legendary JRPG franchise.

Final Fantasy 14: Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida Details Upcoming Endwalker Features in Q&A

Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida took some time to answer some questions on the official Playstation Blog, about the upcoming expansion for FFXIV, titled Endwalker.

 New Final Fantasy Spin-Off Reportedly Could Be Announced At E3 2021

A new rumor sprang up over the weekend, giving credence to the idea that a new Final Fantasy game could be revealed during Square Enix's showcase at E3 2021 next month.

Outriders Saw More Than 3.5 Million Unique Players Its First Month

Outriders, amidst its myriad issues, saw over 3.5 million players jump into the new IP within its first month of launch, according to Square Enix.

PSA: Final Fantasy 14's Digital FanFest Starts Tonight - What Are You Hoping To See?

Tonight marks the beginning of this year's digital Final Fantasy 14 FanFestival, seeing the Square Enix team bring players around the globe more information about their upcoming expansion, Endwalker, as well as art, music and contests throughout the weekend.

Outriders Team Confident They've Figured Out Part of the Damage Mitigation Issues - Patch Pending

Outriders development team, People Can Fly, addressed an issue that has troubled the player base at large for weeks. Players have been complaining that damage-mitigation from armor, stops working. Some players have found that unequipping your armor and requipping it will remedy the issue temporarily, but results have been mixed. PCF, in a recent tweet, noted that they are hot on the trail of this bug, and hope to have it fixed very soon.

Outriders Releases Largest Patch to Date - Fixes, Rebalancing Galore but New Problems Emerge

People Can Fly (PCF) has been hard at work fixing many of the bugs that plague the popular title Outriders. The latest patch fixes one of the most beloved bugs in the game, rebalances some enemies, and much more. The patch does not, however, restore gear to those that were affected by the gear-wipe problem that many Outriders players experienced last month, and some reddit posts detailing new issues with mods and signing-in have been reported.

Marvel Heroes' Brian Waggoner Will Be Joining The Marvel's Avengers Team

Brian Waggoner, formerly of the Marvel Heroes team, is joining another Marvel game, this time helping Crystal Dynamics with their maligned live-service game, Marvel's Avengers.

Final Fantasy 14 Digital Fan Fest Lays Out The Full Event Schedule

Final Fantasy 14's Digital Fan Festival is coming next month, and Square Enix has detailed the schedule for the event.

FFXIV PS5 Beta Impressions - Plays Like a Dream

Final Fantasy XIV has made its way onto the PlayStation 5 thanks to an open beta with the launch of patch 5.5 last week. Gabriel takes us through his impressions of the MMORPG on the new console.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5: Death Unto Dawn Spoiler-Free Day One Review

While the final lead-up to Endwalker builds up, the side content shines in the latest content update for FFXIV.

Outriders' Endgame Community is Toxic, But It's Not Their Fault

Over the past two weeks, Outriders has become a hot topic for several reasons. Recently, players have been complaining about getting kicked from groups due to their class or build in endgame. According to some, this has created a toxic community. There is truth to that, but to be fair, it's not the community's fault.