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Final Fantasy XI - September Dev Digest and Full Events Slate

September in Final Fantasy XI features a new update, a video dev diary, and lots of rewards to get your hands on in the latest login campaign, as well as some in-game events to keep you busy.

Next FF14 Letter From The Producer LIVE Set For September 17th

The next Letter from the Producer LIVE stream is coming this month, with Square Enix announcing that it will be held on September 17th at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT. The stream itself will cover battle-related updates, job adjustments and more as it relates to the upcoming expansion, Endwalker.

Nobody Asked, But My Final Fantasy 14 Raids Are Going Well

Just in case anyone was wondering, Victoria's raiding is going pretty okay in Final Fantasy XIV lately.

MMO ReRoll - Final Fantasy XI

Mitch never really knew much about Final Fantasy XI before choosing it was this month's MMO Reroll. However, given than we opened up the MMO Reroll column with Final Fantasy XIV, it seemed fitting to close out season one with the first MMO in the mainline Final Fantasy series.

Outriders' People Can Fly Hasn't Received Royalties from Square Enix Due to Lack of Profits

The folks at People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, claimed through an investor note they haven't been paid royalties from publisher Square Enix, pointing to lack of profitability.

Opinion: Final Fantasy XIV Dev's Response To Sage Icon Is Something The Games Industry Should Learn From

Late last week news came out of Square Enix with Final Fantasy XIV's producer Naoki Yoshida announcing a revamp to the icon of an upcoming class. This change was prompted by feedback from the community about a lesser known phobia that the original emblem could have been seen as triggering to those who suffer from trypophobia. As a result, the FFXIV quickly revamped the emblem to assuage those concerns. It's this type of action, looking out even for the smallest subset of players who support the

Marvel's Avengers vs Marvel Future Revolution - Who Wins in This Online Game Showdown?

Whether it's the X-Men vs the Inhumans, or Cap vs Iron Man in Civil War, putting Marvel against Marvel is nothing new. In this tale of two online Marvel games, who will win when the dust settles? Buckle up true-believers!

Final Fantasy 14's Naoki Yoshida Talks Player Population Surge As Patch 5.58 Drops

If you've been following Final Fantasy 14 even within just the last month, you might notice that the MMO's common areas feel a little bit...crowded. This is thanks to a multitude of factors, but FFXIV is seeing great population growth in the wake of it. Today, Naoki Yoshida, the MMO's producer, took to the official website to address this trend.

Why Final Fantasy 14 Is So Popular Now

Final Fantasy 14 has been picking up major steam, but there's no singular reason why so many new players have joined - just a perfect storm of circumstances.

Final Fantasy 14 Is Sold Out Digitally As Influx Of New Players Fill Up Servers

Final Fantasy 14 has seen an influx of new players the last few weeks, and in so doing have caused Square Enix to pull back the amount of digital codes available on the official website.

Final Fantasy XI Is Getting A New Battlefield In Its July Update

Final Fantasy XI is gearing up for its July update, bringing with it a new high-tier battlfield to the aging MMO. The update, which should hit on July 12th, brings performance tweaks and more as well.

The RPG Files: Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Intergrade PS5 Review

Like death, Thanos, and Sephiroth following Cloud into every game he appears in, PlayStation was always going to give Final Fantasy VII REMAKE the PS5 upgrade love it deserved. But just how is that upgrade? Jason is here with his thoughts.

Marvel's Avengers Update Displays Player IP Addresses, Developer Warns Players Not To Stream Till Hotfix Hits

Marvel's Avengers seemingly can't catch a break, as news reports have circulated stating that a recent update to the live-service game reveals players IP addresses publicly.

Final Fantasy 14's 5.57 Patch Is Live, Bringing Endgame Grind Changes To Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy 14 is in the homestretch towards its upcoming expansion, Endwalker, but that hasn't stopped Square Enix from releasing updates for the current Shadowbringers content. Today's patch, dubbed 5.57, sees some changes to the endgame grind currently in Shadowbringers, as well as some additional tweaks.

E3 2021: Babylon's Fall Is Now A Live Service Game, Coming To PS5, PS4 and PC

Babylon's Fall was shown off yesterday during the Square Enix Presents showcase at E3 2021, and the co-op action combat game from Neir developer PlatinumGames didn't disappoint, except the news that it's now a live-service game.

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