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Final Fantasy XI Marks 22nd Vana'versary, With a New Battlefield, a Global Challenge, and Event Campaigns

Final Fantasy XI is marking its 22nd Vana'versary, celebrating its original Japanese launch. There's a login campaign with goodies, a welcome back campaign, and a new battlefield.

Square Enix, After Profits Down 70%, Unveils 'Aggressive' Multiplatform Strategy and Quality over Quantity Plans

Reporting a disappointing year where profit was down nearly 70%, Square Enix has announced a new medium-term business plan over the next three years,

FFXIV Xbox Edition Brings Graphics and Censorship Troubles, Per Digital Foundry Analysis

A Digital Foundry guest took Final Fantasy 14's Xbox edition for a test ride, with mixed results.

Moogle Treasure Trove Returns to Final Fantasy XIV With New and Returning Rewards

Treasure hunters and collectors should look to Final Fantasy XIV next week, as the Moogle Treasure Trove event returns. 

Final Fantasy XIV Recovering From DDoS Attacks and Extensive Issues on EU Servers

After DDoS attacks caused Final Fantasy XIV to suffer from disconnects, crashes, and the inability to log in across multiple regions, Square Enix has updated on the recovery from those incidents. 

Final Fantasy XIV Getting Hit By Round of DDoS Attacks Today

Final Fantasy XIV is experiencing a series of DDoS attacks again, with not much known about what is going on just yet.

Massive FFXIV Fishing Guide Updated To Whopping 300 'Sundered' Pages

A Final Fantasy 14 fishing expert added 100 pages to their guide and separated it into more accessible sections.

FFXIV's YoKai Watch Event Boasts Huge Rewards

The Yo-Kai Watch event is set to begin today in Final Fantasy XIV, and with it comes new quests, a hefty amount of new minions, and FATEs to complete along the way for Yo-Kai Medals. 

Final Fantasy XVI DLC, The Rising Tide, is Out, Promising New Endgame Content and Leviathan Battle

Final Fantasy XVI's second (and final) paid DLC, "The Rising Tide" is out today on PlayStation 5. Play through new story with Clive, head to a new area, battle Eikon Leviathan the Lost, and take on new endgame content.

FFXIV's Pre-Dawntrail Road Map Includes 48-Hour Maintenance, Yo-kai Watch and Dragon Quest Events

Final Fantasy 14's road map includes two returning crossover events and a Gold Saucer favorite, plus two more Live Letters, a Treasure Trove, and the media tour.

Check Your PC Before Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail's Graphics Update with Official Benchmark Release Tomorrow

The official FFXIV: Dawntrail benchmark will be available for download free tomorrow, April 14th, at midnight PDT.

Final Fantasy XIV's Next Live Letter Set For April 12th; Part of 14-Hour Anniversary Steam

Final Fantasy XIV players can gear up for the next Letter from the Producer Live coming ahead of this summer's expansion, Dawntrail, which launches on July 2nd. The Live Letter, set for April 12th, is part of the upcoming 14-hour 10th Anniversary stream to celebrate the MMO.

FFXIV Xbox Players Allegedly Banned for Free Company Advertising

It's been an interesting start to Final Fantasy XIV's life on Xbox, as players have been reporting bans for simply advertising their Free Company to recruit other players.

The Path Infernal, Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 16 Collaboration Event Begins Tomorrow

Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI get a brand new collaboration event, The APth Infernal, nd not only can you get your hands on some clothing rewards, the highlight just might be the best boy around: Torgal.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Rising Tide Interview - Naoki Yoshida and Takeo Kujiraoka Talk Leviathan, a PC Demo and a Secret Endgame

We were able to sit down with DLC Director Takeo Kujiraoka, Producer Naoki Yoshida and Localization Director Michael-Christopher Koji Fox to talk about what's to come in Final Fantasy 16's upcoming DLC The Rising Tide.