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Valentione's Day Returns to Final Fantasy XIV On February 1st, With a Brand New Exclusive Emote

Final Fantasy XIV brings its Valentione's Day event back on February 1st, with new rewards, a new emote, and more.

Forspoken PlayStation 5 Review

Originally unveiled as Project Athia back in 2020, Forspoken tells the story of Frey, a New Yorker who sees themselves sucked into the fantasy world of Athia at the time of its greatest peril. How does Square Enix's latest AAA IP stack up though, and is Athia a world worth jumping down the rabbit hole to explore?

Forspoken PC Requirements Show You'll Need A Hefty Rig For 4K

Forspoken launches next week, and the upcoming RPG from Square Enix just revealed the hardware you'll need on PC to get a good experience.

Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.3 is Packed With Tons of New Content, and New Housing Wards

Update 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble is live in Final Fantasy XIV. The packed update adds a ton of new content, from quests to a new dungeon, new housing wardsm and the first major changes to Island Sanctuary.

Forspoken Cinematic Trailer Shows Frey's Choice As Square Enix Heads Towards Jan 24th Launch

Square Enix has unveiled a cinematic trailer for its action RPG Forspoken ahead of its scheduled January 24th release date. The teaser gets into the action as protagonist Frey has a decision to make.

Preliminary Patch Notes Are Here for Final Fantasy XIV 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble

Square Enix has released the preliminary patch notes for Patch 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, which will be out on January 10th for Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XI Voracious Resurgence and Moogles and Flans Ambuscade Coming January 10th

Final Fantasy XI is getting its next update on January 10th. The Voracious Resurgence continues, Ambuscade rotations will happen, and there will be new objectives.

Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, Releases On January 10th

The long-awaited Patch 6.3 finally has a release date, with Final Fantasy XIV seeing the update coming on January 10th. The new patch, titled "Gods Revel, Lands Tremble," was detailed in full today during a Letter from the Producer LIVE, which highlighted the new content, such as an upcoming raid, new Ultimate challenge, and more.

The RPG Files: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Review

With the Final Fantasy VII Remake story train now barreling down the tracks, it was only a matter of time before Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII reappeared over a decade after its launch, built from the ground up for a new audience. Does it work?

Final Fantasy XIV Opens 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, Minisite With New Details and Images

In January, Final Fantasy XIV will get its next update, Patch 6.3, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble. To tide you over, Square Enix has just opened its 6.3 minisite with new details and images.

Final Fantasy XVI Launch Date is June 22, 2023, New Revenge Trailer Out, and Preorders Open

As revealed when Naoki Yoshida presented a new trailer, titled Revenge, Final Fantasy XVI will release on June 22nd, 2023 and preorders are open now.

Final Fantasy XIV Brings Back the Moogle Treasure Trove Ahead of 6.3 in January

Next week, Final Fantasy XIV brings back Moogle Treasure Trove through 6.3's release, expected sometime in January.

Final Fantasy XIV is Holding a Free Return Campaign For Inactive Accounts

Final Fantasy XIV  is currently running a free return campaign, welcoming inactive players back into Eorzea through December 16th.

Final Fantasy XI Continues the Voracious Resurgence and Brings the Ixion Mount

Final Fantasy XI has a new November update that continues the Voracious Resurgence, and even brings the Ixion mount as a potential login reward.

Final Fantasy XIV Previews 6.3x, Will Add More Quests, Dungeons, and New Housing Wards

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer stream has revealed details about what to expect from patch 6.3x, which is currently looking at a January release.