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Squadron 42 is a Couple of Years Off, as the Star Citizen Dev Grows into a Bigger Studio

A new feature puts CIG in a good place, expanding and growing the studio in Manchester, England, but still estimates Squadron 42 to be a couple of years off.

Star Citizen Developers Were Expected to Work During Last Month's Texas Winter Storm

It seems some developers at Cloud Imperium Games, the studio behind the long in-development Star Citizen, have had it with management's expectation for them to continue working during last month's crippling Texas winter storm.

Star Citizen Releases New Roadmap for Squadron 42

The team behind Star Citizen have published a new roadmap for the game and Squadron 42.

Star Citizen's Squadron 42 Report Points to Progress for Story Development

The latest Squadron 42 monthly report from Star Citizen developers Cloud Imperium Games provide an update on story development.

Avengers Crashes and World of Warcraft Patches | Top 5 Articles This Week - October 12th-16th

Got a hot 5 to catch up on some of this week's top stories to hit MMORPG.com? Check out our latest Top 5 Articles video right here and join in the discussion.

Chris Roberts: Squadron 42 Has 'A Ways to Go' Before Beta

Star Citizen is back in the news after it recently hit Alpha 3.11.0. A recent AMA has seen frustrated fans and backers inquire about Squadron 42, and, well, Chris Roberts replied.

Here's How Lighting is Handled in Star Citizen

A recent Star Citizen Live provided us all some more information on how the team at Cloud Imperium Games handles lighting in the universe.

Star Citizen Elevator Panel UI Rework Moved to 3.12

The Star Citizen team have provided another Roadmap Roundup, with some work on the elevator panels being pushed out from 3.11.0 into Alpha 3.12.

Latest Star Citizen 'Calling All Devs' Video Explores How Server Caching and Other Tech Affects Gameplay

The latest Calling All Devs video for Star Citizen has arrived, looking at core tech updates.

Here's What's Happening in Star Citizen This Week

Star Citizen's latest community schedule has been published. Here's what's on the docket this week.

Star Citizen Environment Art AMA Shares Update on Pyro System

A recent AMA discussing environment art in Star Citizen touched on just what's up with the Pyro System, in addition to asking about various other biomes.

Star Citizen Updates Roadmap, Still No Word on Squadron 42

A new roadmap for Star Citizen's 3.12 went up recently, but Squadron 42 is notably missing.

Here's How Star Citizen's FPS Weapons Are Created

In an hour-long video, the Star Citizen team showed off how they create the FPS weapons for the persistent universe and Squadron 42.

Star Citizen Community Reddit Poll Asks What Features Will Be Pushed from 3.11 to 3.12

A community new poll on the Star Citizen Reddit asks the community which 3.11 feature they feel may be pushed to 3.12.

Here's Why Squadron 42 News Was Delayed

Cloud Imperium have provided an update as to why news of Squadron 42, the single-player module of Star Citizen, was delayed, citing a video which wasn't up to their usual standard.