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Lost Ark's Latest Combat Trailer Shows Off New Class: The Sorceress

On August 11th, a new class hit the Korean version of Lost Ark. The Sorceress is now available to play for Smilegates' popular ARPG. The Sorceress has powerful elemental abilities that are used specifically to destroy swaths of powerful enemies.

Solasta Receives the Sorcerer Today

Solasta: Crown of the Magister is receiving the Sorcerer in its latest update today in addition to a new Iron Man mode, new dungeon maker environments, and more.

Lost Ark Releases Astalgia Summer Update Trailer - Summer Roadmap Releases Detailed

During E3, some fantastic news released for fans waiting for Lost Ark in the North America and the EU. Amazon Game Studios will be bringing Smilegates ARPG MMO westward, this fall. In the meantime, those interested in playing Lost Ark might enjoy the new Astalgia Summer Update trailer, which shows off some of the changes headed to the game during the summer.

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