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Lost Ark Adjusts Jump-Start Server Timeline, Previews October, and Sends Two Thank You Gifts

Smilegate RPG and Amazon have a new letter to the Lost Ark community announcing special thank you gifts, a change to the timeline for Jump-Start servers, and a look ahead to content coming in October.

Lost Ark Twitch Drops and Jump-Start Login Gifts Revealed, With Founder's Pack Bonus

With the big September update, Lost Ark has revealed new Twitch Drops and the login gift bonuses for the Jump-Start servers, with a bonus for Founder's Pack owners.

Lost Ark Announces Fast-Progression, Instant Item Level 1415 Jump-Start Servers Coming Next Week

Next week, Lost Ark's next major update arrives. One of the highlights will be fast progression Jump-Start servers, designed to give new and returning players a helpful start and road to endgame.

Lost Ark Releases Details on European Region Merge Coming Next Week

Lost Ark's move to a single European server region is coming on August 30th, and the team has details on how it will all work.

Lost Ark's August Update, Wield the Storm, Bringing the Aeromancer and Many Changes Tomorrow.

 Lost Ark's August update, Wield the Storm, is coming tomorrow, with the Aeromancer advanced class, new Guardian raid, some progression events and a ton of major reworks.

Lost Ark Announces Two New Continents, Fast Progression Servers, Souleater Class, and Dinosaur Battle Royale

Two new continents, new "jump start" fast progression servers, new raids, dungeons, an arena battle royale mode where you have to survive other players and dinosaurs? That and more feature in the roadmap update from Lost Ark

Lost Ark Showcases the Aeromancer, the Second Specialist Class Coming This Month

The Aeromancer is coming to Lost Ark with the August update, which will be out on August 16th, and the team has a new preview diving into everything you need to know about the upcoming new class.

Lost Ark's August Update Brings Next Major Balance Changes, Aeromancer Class, and More Revamps

August is here, and the Lost Ark team confirms this month's update will bring the next major balance update to the game. Also coming will be new raids, early-game revamp, and the Aeromancer Specialist Advanced Class.

Lost Ark Director in New Interview on Lore, Elgacia's Importance, and Smilegate RPG's Advanced Planning

Gold River, Lost Ark's director, answers questions in an extensive new interview, talking lore, why Elgacia was created before everywhere else, and having Lost Ark's full future story and structure planned out.

Lost Ark July Update Will Answer What's After Elgacia, and Treat Challengers to a New Legion Raid

Lost Ark's July update will be live tomorrow, and the team is previewing the new quests, progression changes, fixes, events, and the Kakul-Saydon Inferno Legion Raid.

Lost Ark's July Update Brings Inferno Kakul-Saydon, New Elgacia Quests, and More July 12th

The July update for Lost Ark is coming on July 12th. The update will bring Elgacia epilogue quests, the arrival of Inferno Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid, and much more.

Lost Ark Will Merge European Regions, With Additional Server and Region Mergers Under Consideration

This summer, Lost Ark will merge service regions Europe West and Europe Central, with servermerges and perhaps even future region merges under consideration.

Lost Ark Summer Updates, Including Progression Changes to Ease Repetitiveness, Detailed

Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have detailed progression updates coming to LostArk this summer,along with other changes.

Lost Ark Unveils New Class 'Soul Eater' and New Raid in 2023 Summer Update Stream

Lost Ark, the popular Action MMORPG, is set to introduce a new class called 'Soul Eater' as part of its 2023 Summer Update for Korean players.

New Lost Ark Pass Season Begins Tomorrow, With Cute Pets, Shiny New Cosmetics, and Useful Loot

A new pass season begins tomorrow in Lost Ark, with usefulloot, shiny formal cosmetics, and some cute alpaca-like pets.