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Interview: Chatting Lost Ark's Second Anniversary With Franchise Lead Soomin Park

We had the chance to chat about Lost Ark's second anniversary here in the West with Franchise Lead Soomin Park, where we talked about the changes leading up to now, as well as what the future holds for the MMOARPG.

Smilegate's Lost Ark Mobile Excites Fans During G-Star 2023 with Hands-On Experiences

After six years in development, Lost Ark Mobile was proudly showcased at G-STAR 2023 by Smilegate RPG, marking a significant milestone for the mobile iteration of the globally renowned PC MMORPG Lost Ark.

Blue Protocol Is Being Published By Lost Ark's Smilegate In South Korea

Blue Protocol, the anime MMORPG coming from Bandai Namco Online has been ramping up its announcements after going radio silent for quite a long time. The latest update comes from Korean developer Smilegate, who announced this week that the MMORPG will be published by the company in South Korea.

Interview: How Smilegate Is Laying The Groundwork For The Studio's Future

Smilegate is a name that is slowly gaining some recognition in the West, most notably for the recent release of Lost Ark. However, the studio is reponsible for releasing and maintaining the most played FPS in the world, Crossfire. We spoke to the team at the studio about that growth and its plans for the future.

CrossfireX Gets Its Biggest MultiPlayer Update With New Maps, Weapons, Improved Matchmaking and More

Announced at Gamescom with a new trailer is CrossfireX's biggest multi-player update to date, and adds two new maps, new weapons, vehicles, and turrets, along with other improvements to matchmaking and mechanics. 

Lost Ark Peak Players Down More Than 80 Percent from All Time High - Is the Drop Due to Bot Bans?

Bots have been a nuisance in Lost Ark from pretty much the moment the servers were turned on, but Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate have been up front about their intention to ban those bots permanently.

Opinion: Lost Ark's Biggest Obstacle Is Community Misinformation

Misinformation can spread quickly, whether we mean for it to or not. Anthony looks at the misinformation being spread across the Lost Ark community and how it's one of the games biggest obstacles to overcome.

The Implications of Argos and Future Lost Ark Content

Lost Ark has had one of the most successful launches of nearly any MMO in history, yet players that remain are still looking for more content. Anthony explores Argos and the implications the content has on the MMO ARPG.

Lost Ark Hits 1.3 Million Players - Becomes Second Most Concurrent Players in Steam History

Lost Ark has been wildly popular since it released February 11th, 2022. The Action MMORPG recently topped 1.3 million concurrent players, topping Amazon Game Studios previous release, New World, which garnered a total of just over 900k concurrent players.

Lost Ark Full Launch: Amazon Adds New Servers and Will Grant Founder's Pack Bonuses if You Move

Lost Ark is getting 15 new servers for its F2P launch, and Amazon will replace your Founder's Pack bonuses if you move to a lower population server.

Lost Ark's Head Start Is Live, and These Extensive Launch Notes Will Prepare You For Your Journey

Head start for Lost Ark is now live, and launch issues and queues aside, there's an extensive list of launch notes to prepare you for your journey in Arkesia.

Lost Ark Review

Lost Ark is finally playable here in the West, but how does the self-described MMOARPG hold up? Was it worth the wait? Here is our review.

Get to Know Lost Ark's Classes and Advanced Class Options With New Previews

Lost Ark is coming soon, and Amazon is revealing the game's class choices in depth with a series of video previews.

Lost Ark Server Info, Pre-Download, Head Start and Launch Details Revealed

Prepare to start your journey in Lost Ark, as Amazon reveals server details, pre-download, and Head Start info leading to launch.

You Can Explore More of Arkesia at Launch in Lost Ark, Detailed in a New Update

Lost Ark will let you explore much more of the world at launch, thanks to player feedback. A new update details what we can expect.