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Revelation Online Adds 3 New Battle Companions

Three new battle companions are coming to Revelation Online.

Revelation Online Share Book of Enchantments System

Revelation Online has shared details on the Book of Enchantments system as part of Skyward World.

Revelation Online Outlines Skyworld World: Imperial Wargames

Imperial Wargames challenges have been outlined for Revelation Online.

Revelation Online Reveals Weekly Monday Event, Skyward World: Skyfeather Trials

Revelation Online has shared details about Skyward World: Skyfeather Trials, a recurring weekly event.

Skyward World Update for Revelation Online Previewed

Revelation Online has previewed their Skyward World Update which introduces a new dungeon, City of the Demon Gods.

Revelation Online to Receive Skyward World Expansion This Month

Revelation Online is set to receive it’s largest expansion to date, Skyward World, later this month for free.