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Skull and Bones Dev Diary Dives into the Game's Music and Sounds, From Authentic Cannons to Sea Shanties

New dev diary shows how the Skull and Bones team drew inspiration from sailing, recorded 17th century cannons, and drew from local cultures to create the game's sounds (and sea shanties).

Opt-In Expanded PvP is Coming Next Week to Skull and Bones, And Slay Enemies to Raise Money for Oceans

Hit the seas and defeat enemies in Skull and Bones and you could help raise money for ocean conservation. Plus, PvP anywhere on the seas is on the way.

Skull and Bones Shares Patch Notes For March 1st Season 1 Adjustments

Skull and Bones has a new patch, including difficulty and reward adjustments, as well as an updated Season 1 schedule.

Skull and Bones Begins Season 1, 'Raging Tides' and Reveals Season Pass and Shop Details

Skull and Bones kicked off its first Season, "Raging Tides" yesterday, With a number of quality of life improvements, and brand new content. The Ubisoft Singapore team has also shared a new devblog about the season pass and monetization.

Skull & Bones Review - Stormy Seas

After years in development hell, Skull & Bones is a real video game you can play now. But how does it hold up? Check out our review.

Skull and Bones Unveils Season 1 Trailer With New Free Content Starting Next Week

Off the winds of a massive international launch, Skull and Bones has already started showing off what's coming for its first season of new content.

Ubisoft France Workers Picket After Union Negotiations For Salaries Fail 

Over 700 workers picketed outside the Ubisoft France office this Valentine's Day, coordinated by a national video game industry union.

Avast Ye Mateys Skull and Bones Has Launched - Complete With a Free Trial

The sailing hour is upon us as Ubisoft's Skull and Bones has finally released. The "Quadruple A" game has made its way to a release state, with Ubisoft pointing to numerous fixes over the open beta to look forward to.

Ubisoft Already Fixed Several Skull and Bones Issues, Updates on In-Progress Fixes Ahead of Launch

With Skull and Bones wrapping preorder head start and officially launching for all tomorrow, the Ubisoft Singapore team is detailing some fixes following beta feedback and testing data and what's still on the way.

Skull and Bones Preorder Early Access Opens, and Ubisoft Shares Open Beta Stats

Skull and Bones has opened the seas to new pirates as part of preorder head start. Ubisoft is also sharing some stats from the recent open beta, from how many pirates were sea monster lunch to how many kilometers everyone sailed over the three day event.

'Quadruple-A': Ubisoft CEO Defends $70 Skull and Bones Price Tag 

The CEO of Ubisoft is fully confident in the inflation of video game prices--even in troubled times for both Ubisoft and the wallets of much of the planet.

Skull & Bones Open Beta Kicks Off Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

After beginning development in 2013 and numerous delays later, Ubisoft Singapore's seafaring pirate action RPG, Skull & Bones, will finally set sail next week.

Skull and Bones Shares More Beta Details and Dev Diary on Creating a World Inspired By Piracy's Second Golden Age

With open beta starting next week, Ubisoft has revealed more details about the Skull and Bones beta and a new dev diary video focused on the setting, background, and more.

Skull and Bones Open Beta Coming February 8th, Ubi Details Seasonal Model, and Competitive Endgame Plunder

 Skull and Bones is finally coming out on February 16th, and Ubisoft is ramping things up, announcing open beta details and post-launch plans.