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What Singularity 6 Learned From Players in Palia's Recent Alpha

Recently, Palia began its first alpha test period, and now the team at Singularity 6 has a recap of the playtest, including insight gains, player experiences, and more takeaways from the testing process.

Palia Will Be Free to Play, With Buyable Cosmetic Items

Palia will release as a free to play game with cosmetic items you can buy. The Singularity 6 team promises no loot boxes, no tricks, and to create items that feel valuable.

Palia Enters Alpha Testing With Developer Sending Invites Starting Today

Palia, the upcoming self-described "cozy and welcoming" MMO, is entering its Alpha and the developers are ready to start getting more players in to test the game. As such, alpha invites should start trickling out to lucky players eager to check out the MMO's world.

Palia Provides New Developer Q&A in Discord - Alpha Aimed at First Half of 2022

If you're looking for a "new kind" of MMORPG, Palia is certainly one that should top your list. Palia, the community simulation game looks to employ some laid back gameplay, with a social cooperative bend. In a series of answers on their Discord, the Palia developers have given us more insight into what we can expect from the game.

Palia Concludes Pre-Alpha Test - Details What Was Learned and What's Next in New Blog

Community simulation MMORPG Palia has just concluded their small Pre-Alpha test, and the team at Singularity 6 are anxious to talk about the encouraging results. Palia still has a long way to go before it is done, but the blog accentuates many of the positive responses from Pre-Alpha testers.

Palia Pre-Alpha Invites Going Out 'In About A Week,' Singularity 6 Posts New Questionnaire

Palia, the upcoming MMORPG from ex-Riot-developer led Singularity 6 is gearing up for its first pre-alpha tests. The team stated today on the official Discord server that they expect pre-alpha invites to start going out "in abut a week."

Singularity 6 Reveals Trailer For Upcoming Community-Driven MMO, Palia

The Singularity 6 team, formed by two ex-Riot Games developers in 2018, has released information about their upcoming MMO Palia. The game is, at its core, a community sim with a focus on cooperative activities and character customization. Check out what we know so far about the game's features and what information we are still missing.