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Side Quests: Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Review

Ubisoft's latest platformer, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, aims to put players right back into the center of the legendary franchise. Yet how does it hold up, and does it make for a fitting return for the series?

Side Quests: Razer Kitsune Leverless Fight Stick Review: Lean Mean Fighting Machine

As a card-carrying Fighting Game Enjoyer for Jason's entire 30-plus years gaming, there have been many a controller that graced his hands. Now, Jason puts Razer's leverless Kitsune fight stick through its paces. How does it hold up against the competition?

Medieval Dynasty's Co-op Update Adds New Life into the Game, With 31K Peak Players

Following the recent release of co-op mode for Medieval Dynasty, the sim has seen a surge in players. Developer Render Cube has revealed a peak of over 31,000 since the new mode launched. 

Medieval Dynasty's Co-Op Mode Is Now Live With A Vast New Map

Medieval Dynasty, the survival life sim game set in the Medieval era, has finally launched its long-awaited co-op mode to close out 2023. With it is a new map, the Oxbow, for players to explore together.

Achilles: Legends Untold Review

It has been a month since Dark Point Games took action RPG Achilles: Legends Untold out of Steam Early Access and into full release. How does the ARPG stack up? Here is our review.

Side Quests: Dave The Diver - Fishing For A Good Time

Dave the Diver is a fun indie RPG where you take the role of Dave, the eponymous diver, saddled with running his own sushi shop. Yet, as Mike BC details, it's so much more than what it appears to be on the surface.

Endless Dungeon Review - Side Quests

Endless Dungeon attempts to marry the concepts of roguelike progression, isometric twin-stick shooters, tower defense, and run-of-the-mill escort missions into one appealing package. Josh takes you through the two experiences he had running Endless Dungeon in our review.

Side Quests: Pikmin 4 Impressions

Pikmin 4 is nearly here, with the latest in the franchise launching on July 21st. Pikmin fanatic Mike BC takes a look at the demo and gives his thoughts in an early look at the game.

10 Cards We'd Love To See Reprinted In MTG Commander Masters

Commander Masters - the next entry in Magic: The Gathering's format-based "masters" sets - is due for a big reveal this week. If the reveal event follows the same format as other recent reveals like The Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth, we're going to have a lot of cards to sink our teeth into. Here are ten cards we'd love to see reprinted in the upcoming Commander set.

Side Quests: System Shock (2023) Review

Nightdive's System Shock remake is finally here and SHODAN is ready to greet you. How does the remake stand up, and does the iconic gameplay stand the test of time?

Preview: Immortals of Aveum Looks To Scrach That Magic Shooter Itch, Releases On July 20th

Ascendant Studios pulled the veil back on their upcoming first-person magic shooter, Immortals of Aveum. We had the chance to check out the game in a hands-off demo, and the world and its premise have Bradford excited to scratch that magic FPS itch left by the 90s shooters in the same vein.

Interview: After Two Years In Early Access, Everspace 2 Is Cleared For 1.0 Launch

Two years ago, Everspace 2 officially entered Early Access, which gave players an early look into the series's new space exploring approach. With the game's 1.0 launch now here, there's plenty to discuss before we blast off into the unknown for the first time. We spoke with Rockfish Games' Erik Schrader about the 1.0 launch last month at PAX East.

Everspace 2 Review: Blasting Out Of Early Access

Jason goes hands-on with Everspace 2, Rockfish Games' second entry in its sci-fi space shooter franchise, putting the newly out of early access title through its paces. How does it fare? Check out our review.

Side Quests: One Man's Journey Into ONE: A Magic The Gathering Pre-Release Event Story

Jason takes us through his personal relationship with Magic The Gathering, culminating in the recent release of the newest set: Phyrexia All Will Be One in this latest edition of Side Quests.

Forspoken PlayStation 5 Review

Originally unveiled as Project Athia back in 2020, Forspoken tells the story of Frey, a New Yorker who sees themselves sucked into the fantasy world of Athia at the time of its greatest peril. How does Square Enix's latest AAA IP stack up though, and is Athia a world worth jumping down the rabbit hole to explore?