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Ship of Heroes has Released a Halloween Video to Show Off Themed Missions

Heroic Games has released a Ship of Heroes Halloween video depicting some spooky surroundings and Halloween themed baddies. The team continues to push forward with debugging and creating missions as they make their way towards launch.

Ship of Heroes Interview Talks Toxicity and More

A new interview with Casey McGeever, Founder & CEO of Heroic Games - the developers behind Ship of Heroes - has provided us a look behind the curtain in MMO game development, discussing topics like toxicity and more.

Ship of Heroes Talks About Missions

The Ship of Heroes team has shared their vision for missions. Hey, that rhymed!

Ship of Heroes - Heroic Games Releases Post-Invasion Event Wrap-Up

In the latest Ship of Heroes newsletter, details were provided on the Invasion Events that ran over the course of three weeks in August. The tests were deemed a resounding success, and issues that were found during the test are being looked at.

Ship of Heroes - Another Invasion Event to Happen August 29th, Open to Everyone

The last Ship of Heroes event was a rousing success, and now, a new Ship of Heroes invasion event is headed our way. The event will be free and open to anyone, including those who have not donated to Heroic Games' development.

Ship of Heroes Receives 'Operation Valhalla' Public Event This Saturday

Ship of Heroes is set to run an instance of its public event, dubbed Operation Valhalla, this Saturday.

Ship of Heroes Nagdellian Invasion Beta Starts August 15

The Nagdellian Invasion beta for Ship of Heroes is set to begin on August 15. Here are some details.

Ship of Heroes Shares June Progress Report

The upcoming superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes has published their June 1 Progress Report that gives players an update as to how development is progressing.

Ship of Heroes Newsletter Addresses Speed of Combat

The latest Ship of Heroes newsletter takes a look at the speed of combat, which appears to be too fast.

Ship of Heroes Video Shows Off Riot at the Arches Test

The latest Ship of Heroes newsletter looks at the first test of Riot at the Arches.

Recent Ship of Heroes Community Event Saw Double Participation Over Previous Event

The recently-held Ship of Heroes community event was apparently a huge success, boasting double the number of community members than the previous event.

Ship of Heroes March Community Newsletter Explores Community Event

The March Community Update for Ship of Heroes takes a look at a community event, and more.

Ship of Heroes, World of Tanks, World of Warships Opening Up for Free for All Players Amidst Coronavirus

Ship of Heroes, World of Warships, and World of Tanks are all opening their doors to everyone amidst the Coronavirus.

Ship of Heroes Video Showcases Street Fighting

Ship of Heroes has received a new video showing off street fighting. Here are some of the details.

Ship of Heroes Dev Video Looks at Speed of Combat

A new Ship of Heroes video takes a look at the speed of combat to keep pace with other MMOs.

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