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World of Warcraft - Robins Take on Restarting in Shadowlands Beta

Robin outlines the past week and moving forward, as Blizzard initiated the first character wipe since Alpha started back on April 9th. Join her as she talks about what the wipe may mean and her take on the ongoing tests.

World of Warcraft - Shadowlands Beta Set to Test Conduits System

World of Warcraft Community Manager Kaivax has posted some information on changes Blizzard is going to be testing next week in the Shadowlands Beta. The changes are primarily centered around Conduits, and by extension Soulbinds.

Blizzard Adds Shadowlands Beta to Launcher, Notes Changes to Druid and Paladin Covenant Abilities

A host of new updates from Blizzard provide us some additional information about World of Warcraft's imminent expansion, Shadowlands.

Oct 25, 2020
Atlas Rogues
Oct 21, 2020
The End
Oct 18, 2020
Sep 30, 2020
Sep 26, 2020