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Tantu and Wu-Ju Return to Shadow Arena

Shadow Arena welcomes back Tantu and Wu-Ju as they both receive some enhanced abilities.

Pearl Abyss Shifts to a Strategic 3v3 'Trio Mode' Combat System for Shadow Arena

Shadow Arena is shifting its main game mode from a 1v40 Battle Royale, to a 3v3 'Trio Mode' that pits two teams of three against each other. The changes to the primary mode of play, according to Pearl Abyss, came directly from player feedback.

Shadow Arena Gets Deathmatch in Latest Patch

Deathmatch has been added to Shadow Arena, and here is you can play.

Shadow Arena Interview With Executive Producer Kwangsam Kim

We were able to sit down with Shadow Arena's Executive Producer Kwangsam Kim to chat a bit about the development since launch. We're also honored to be hosting the English translation of a recent interview conducted by German MMO site Mein MMO.

Shadow Arena Receives Battle Pass

It looks like Shadow Arena has received a battle pass currently underway through September 17.

Shadow Arena Adds New Character, Plans to Hit Consoles Later This Year

Pearl Abyss announced today that they are expanding the roster of their early access title Shadow Arena again, by adding Gorgath. The Battle Royale action-brawler will also be releasing on Playstation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

Shadow Arena - Impressions Of Pearl Abyss' Battle Royale

Join Mike BC as he breaks down his experiences thus far in Pearl Abyss' Early Access title, Shadow Arena.

Shadow Arena, Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Battle Royale Spin-Off Is Now Live On Steam

Pearl Abyss' battle arena game, Shadow Arena, has finally hit Steam Early Access. While the core experience is free-to-play, you can also unlock all of the heroes via paid DLC.

Shadow Arena Is Coming Next Month To Steam Early Access

Shadow Arena, the battle royale pulled from the development of Pearl Abyss' MMORPG, Black Desert, is coming to Steam via early access this May. The battle royale will come to Steam on May 21st.

Final Shadow Arena Closed Beta Live Now Through April 20

The final closed beta test for Shadow Arena begins today and runs through Sunday, April 20. Here are the details.

Shadow Arena Shows Off Hero Jordine Ducas In New Video

Shadow Arena has received a new hero highlight video, this time featuring Jordine Ducas.

Final Shadow Arena Closed Beta Available Worldwide April 17

The final closed beta for Shadow Arena will hit Aprils 17 worldwide.

Shadow Arena - Interview With Executive Producer Kwangsam-Kim

Recently, Shadow Arena - the arena fighter from the Black Desert Online developers - has hit closed beta. We had the chance to sit down and chat with Kwangsam-Kim, Shadow Arena's Executive Producer about the upcoming game's development.

Shadow Arena Closed Beta Starts Today

Pearl Abyss announced today that players can hop in the Shadow Arena now through March 8th.