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Atlas Team Asks Community if They Want Merged PvP Servers

The Atlas team have posed a question to their community: should they merge PvP servers?

New World Eclipses 900K Concurrent Players Over The Weekend As Amazon Stops New Characters On Crowded Servers

New World has had a week. Since releasing last Tuesday, the new MMO from Amazon has seen over 1 million players hit the shores of Aeternum, and has continually broken its own concurrent player count records, hitting over 900K this weekend.

More Official Conan Exile Servers Are En Route

Good news if you're a Conan Exiles player. It looks like more official servers are on the way.

LOTRO's Bullroarer Open Through July 31, Bringing Database Wipe

LOTRO's Bullroarer server is open once again, but only through Friday, July 31 at 10a EDT. Here's what's changed.

Ashes of Creation's Creative Director Interview Touches on Servers, Housing, More

A recent interview with Ashes of Creation's Creative Director, Steven Sharif, talks servers, housing, and more.

Private Servers Now Available for Last Oasis

Through a partnership with Nitrado, private servers are now available for Last Oasis.

Gameforge Takes Over Publishing Rights for TERA in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Commonwealth of Independent States

TERA will be published by Gameforge in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States starting on June 4.

Guild Wars 2 EU Servers Restored Following Weekend Rollback

We wrote yesterday how Guild Wars 2's EU servers appeared to experience a rollback. It looks like that has now been resolved.

Guild Wars 2 Servers Experience Rollback, ArenaNet Aware of Issue

It looks like Guild Wars 2 suffered account rollbacks which affected at least the EU region.

Changes Coming to the European Servers of RF Online

A host of changes are coming to the European server of RF Online.

EverQuest Servers Open To All Till May 8

In case you missed it, EverQuest servers are open to all until May 8.