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FFXIV Experiences Server Congestion As Server Transfers Are Re-Enabled

Yesterday Final Fantasy XIV went back on sale for the first time in weeks as well as a new data center. Additionally, server transfers are open, though as a result the Square Enix team cautioned to players that they are experiencing high volume as a result.

New World's Server Transfers Disabled Thanks To Gold Dupe Exploit As Economy Stares Down Deflation Crisis

Server transfers that were long promised opened up to the wider New World playerbase, only to be shut down a day later thanks to a gold dupe exploit. This is amidst the backdrop of an in-game economy that is staring down deflation of its currency.

New World's Server Transfers Begin Tomorrow, Amazon Giving Free Titles And Emotes As Thank You To Fans

New World has finally rolled out details about the server transfers that have been promised since the rocky launch of Amazon's MMO which saw high server queues and wait times. Transfers will begin in earnest tomorrow, assuming a trial run after maintenance this evening goes according to plan.

New World Server Transfers Delayed Till Next Week, Cites A Desire To Not Disrupt 'Peak Play Period'

If you're one of the many thousands of players waiting to transfer to a server where your friends are playing New World, you'll be waiting a little longer. Amazon announced late Friday that the decision to delay the service has been made in order to not disrupt its "peak play period."