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New World Sets a Few More Server Merges and the Return of 30-day Server Transfer Cooldown

Next week, New World will merge a handful of servers and revert the cooldown changes on server transfers, returning it to 30 days.

New World Announces Next Round of Server Merges Coming Next Week

Next week, New World gets another round of server merges intended to keep active player populations and a healthy economy.

New World Legacy Server Merges Begin Tonight, With Australian Merge Canceled After Feedback

New World's plans to merge a round of legacy servers will begin later tonight. Amazon has changed plans in response to community feedback, deciding to not merge Australian server Eridu into Delos.

New World to Test Server Merges Next Week - Aims to Incentivize Underdog Factions

Last week community manager Luxendra responded in a thread asking for server merges with a definitive "they are on the horizon", without giving too many details on how soon players can really expect them. This week, information was provided with the first step in the path to server merges, which is to test a server merge on the Public Test Realm (PTR).