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Mortal Online 2 Apologizes for Login Issues - States Servers are Not at Capacity

It is not uncommon for MMORPGs to face a number of issues on launch, and Star Vault's Mortal Online 2 if no exception. The Founder of Star Vault Henrik Nyström released a statement yesterday via their website to apologize for the ongoing server queue issues related to logging into Myrland from Haven, and detailed the gameplan on fixing the problems.

Final Fantasy XIV Suffers Massive Server Issues Last Night, Square Enix Pulls MMORPG From Sale To Combat Congestion

To say Final Fantasy XIV is popular would be an understatement. Since earlier this year, the MMORPG has had a huge influx of players jumping into Eorzea, congesting the servers. With the recent release of Endwalker, this has only intensified, leading Square Enix to once again pull the MMO from sale to stem the tide of players joining in and slamming the servers beyond capactiy.

Diablo 2: Resurrected Provides Update on Character Save Issues, Wait Time and More

Nearly two weeks ago we reported on some of the ongoing issues Diablo II: Resurrected has run into post launch, which included numerous server issues, database problems, and progress loss for many players. Now, Blizzard has provided an update, letting players know where they are on addressing these concerns, and what is left still to do.

Elyon Addresses EU Server Issues, Temporarily Disables World Quests and RvR on All Servers

This past week, Elyon transitioned into their full release from their initial headstart that began on the 17th. As is common with most MMORPG launches, Elyon has not gone unscathed when it comes to server problems and bugs. In a post on their official news site, Elyon has addressed the long queues and server lag that players in the EU are experiencing.

[UPDATE] Elder Scrolls Online PlayStation MegaServer Having Issues For The Second Time In As Many Weeks

During maintenance today, ZeniMax Online Studios announced that the PlayStation MegaServer of their wildly popular MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online, would be facing extended downtime due to issues found specific to the platform. However, players are showing their discontent as this is the second time the PlayStation version of the MMO has had these extended downtimes in as many weeks.

LOTRO 'Work Has Been Ongoing' to Resolve Server Issues, Extends Summer Festival

As of this writing, the servers for Lord of the Rings Online are still struggling with Standing Stone Games confirming that "work has been ongoing" to resolve issues.

[UPDATED]Seems LOTRO Is Having Issues...Again

For those of you who have been following The Lord of the Rings Online lately, you know that last month the game experienced some of the worst downtime in its history. Well, based on a tweet from the official Twitter account, LotRO players might be experiencing a bit of déjà vu.

The Lord of the Rings Online's Midsummer Festival Extended Due To Downtime

Thanks to the inmmense downtime that plagued The Lord of the Rings Online this past week, players were unable to finish the Midsummer Festival, which ended originally during the downtime. Standing Stone Games has announced the festival has been extended for players through August 3rd.