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Guild Wars 2 Game Director Reflects on Secrets of the Obscure and Teases Next Expansion

Now that Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure has released it's final major update for the arc, Game Director Josh Davis takes some time to look at Arenanet's journey so far, and teases what's to come.

Guild Wars 2's The Midnight King Is A Fitting Conclusion To The Secrets Of The Obscure Expansion Cycle

The Midnight King is the newest update for Guild Wars 2 and the final content update for the Secrets of the Obscure expansion. Robin gives her thoughts based on a hands-on preview of the content.

Guild Wars 2 Roadmap Update Offers 24/7 WvW Beta, PvP Updates, Balance Changes, and Teases What's Next

Guild Wars 2 is looking ahead with a new studio update and roadmap. There are updates on WvW, PvP changes, a date for the next skills and balance update, and more.

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure's Final Chapter, The Midnight King, Coming On May 21st

The conclusion of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, The Midnight King, is set to launch later this month on May 21st.

Guild Wars 2: The Realm of Dreams is Out for the Secrets of the Obscure Expansion

Guild Wars 2 has released its second major update for the Secrets of the Obscure expansion, The Realm of Dreams. With it come new weapon proficiencies for all professions, new legendary relic, a new zone, and the continuation of the fight against the Kryptis threat to Tyria.

Guild Wars 2 Previews New Wizard's Tower Items, Including Cat Tower Chair, Coming in The Realm of Dreams

ArenaNet has shared a preview of Guild Wars 2's new Wizard's Tower rewards, and there's a weapon set, glider, and a cat tree tower for all the feline lovers.

The Realm of Dreams, Guild Wars 2's Next Secrets of the Obscure Update, Launches February 27th

The Realm of Dreams" will go live in Guild Wars 2 on February 27th, with new weapon proficiencies for all classes, new legendary relics, two new legendary bosses, and a continuation of the Kryptis invasion story.

ANet Updates on Guild Wars 2 Legendary Relics, Compensation for Runes, and a Future Gear Change

More info is out on legendary relics coming to Guild Wars 2, including future plans and how legendary rune owners will be compensated.

Guild Wars 2 Opens Expanded Weapon Proficiency Beta Today

Guild Wars 2's Expanded Weapon Proficiency beta is now open, letting all testers get a taste of upcoming additional build options like pistol Elementalist, or sword Necromancer.

Guild Wars 2 Details More Upcoming Weapon Proficiencies and Updates on WvW Restructuring

Guild Wars 2 has an update on World vs. World restructuring changes, and three new weapon proficiency previews: Short Bow Engineer, Pistols Guardian, and Pistol Elementalist.

Guild Wars 2 Previews Rifle Mesmer and Scepter for the Revenant Coming With Expanded Weapon Proficiency

Guild Wars 2 continues previewing the slate of upcoming Expanded Weapon Proficiency and new weapons for all classes. The latest two entries are Rifle Mesmers and the scepter for the Revenant.

Guild Wars 2 Previews New Weapons & Proficiencies Coming in 2024, Ahead of Beta This Month

ArenaNet is talking expanded weapon proficiencies coming to Guild Wars 2 in 2024, and there are some new previews for the Thief's axe and staff for the Warrior.

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure: Through the Veil Preview

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure is the first expansion ArenaNet has done since they announced the change to their strategy for handling expansions and the storylines in between. It was overall a success, but since then, we have been waiting to see what the first update, Through The Veil, in this new system would bring with it. In preparation for today's update, I participated in a preview last week. So, let's dive into what players can expect when they hop in.

Take the Fight to the Kryptis in Guild Wars 2's Through the Veil Expansion Update, Coming November 7th

On November 7th, Guild Wars 2 will release its first update for the Secrets of the Obscure expansion. "Through the Veil" will feature a new map, new activities, improvements to precious content, and more.

Secrets of the Obscure Launches for Guild Wars 2, With New Story, Maps, New Build Options, and More

Secrets of the Obscure, the latest Guild Wars 2 expansion, adds new story, new threats, a way to get the skyscale mount and explore new floating destinations. There are also new build customization options, and more.