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Path of Exile Closes Out 2021 With Several Events, Starting Today

Path of Exile is closing out 2021 strong with a series of events, the first of which kicks off today. Here are the details.

Path of Exile Scourge Patch Notes Are Really Long

In case you missed it, Path of Exile's 3.16 expansion, Scourge, was outlined yesterday. Today, we've got some patch notes.

World of Warcraft Needs You to Cleanse the Scourge in Shadowlands Pre-Xpac Event

Blizzard has put out a call for players to beat back the scourge in the latest World of Warcraft event, which will be a prelude to the Shadowlands expansion. The pre-launch event known as Death Rising, will require that you gain intel in the areas around Stormwind and Orgrimmar, and report to the Argent Crusade.