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Albion Online Adds Japanese and Italian Support and New Guild Finder Ahead of Season 17

Albion Online is expanding with its latest patch, adding both Japanese and Italian language support,  introducing a Guild Finder, and setting up guild season changes.

Albion Online Will Overhaul Roads of Avalon and Add the Mists, Solo Content With New Creatures and Exclusives

Changes are coming to Albion Online. First up, the Roads of Avalon are getting a visual update and being reworked into a small-group, competitive focused area. Also coming are the Mists, new solo PvE/PvP content with exclusive creatures and loot.

Albion Online Season 17 Begins September 17th, With Changes to Crystal Arena Ranking, Loot, and HQ Boosters

Albion Online's Season 17 will begin on September 17th. This season will be a week shorter than usual and will bring some changes to loot, the Crystal Arena ranking system, and more.

Albion Online Adds Final Two Magic Staff Reworks, Arcane and Frost Staff, Along With Loot Changes

Arcane and Frost Magic Staff lines have their promised full reworks in Albion Online with the latest patch, the fourth following the Into the Fray update.

Albion Online Update Improves Matchmaking, a Better Rank Points Arena System, and Tweaks Journey Back Costs

The third patch following the Into the Fray update arrives in Albion Online, with improved matchmaking, better Rank Point calculations, adjustments to Journey Back costs and more.

Albion Online Celebrates Their 5-Year Anniversary and a Look Back at Their Accomplishments

It's always a treat to look back over several years and revel in your progress. For Albion Online today is that well-earned day, as they celebrate their fifth anniversary. Join in on the celebration and check out their anniversary trailer.

Battle Statues of Past Champions for Anniversary Loot As Albion Online Marks Five Years

Living Legends become literal, as Albion Online marks its fifth anniversary. Fight statues of previous champions in the open world for anniversary loot.

A Mystery of Missing Statues is Unfolding in Albion Online Ahead of Fifth Anniversary

Ahead of it's 5th anniversary, a mystery is unfolding in Albion Online, where statues of previous season winners have gone missing.

Albion Online Updates Crystal League Timing, Balances Combat, and Adds a Bunch of Helpful UI Changes

The latest update for Albion Online adjusts Crystal League battles timing, adds more prominent Dynamic Events, makes several weapon balance changes, and fixes a series of issues.

Albion Online Improves Arena Matchmaking, Makes Fire Staff a Bit Less OP, and Makes Castle Chests Stick Around

The latest update for Albion Online improves Arena matchmaking, tweaks Fire Staff balance, extends the time for castle chests, along with several key fixes.

Albion Online's Into the Fray Brings Magic Staff Overhaul, New Crystal Arena, and Ways to Encourage Exploration

The big Into the Fray update is up today for Albion Online, and brings the promised full Magic Staff overhaul, Portal Towns, castle changes and improvements, dynamic events, and new Arena options, including the new non-lethal Crystal Arena.

Go Inside the Visual Rework for Albion Online's Magic Staffs Before Tomorrow's Into the Fray Update

Into the Fray will be out tomorrow for Albion Online, and there's a new behind the scenes look at the rework process for the Magic Staff overhauls coming.

Preview Castle Overhauls and Dynamic Events Coming Next Week to Albion Online

Into the Fray is Albion Online's next major update and a new dev blog previews the castle overhauls and new synamic events system coming in the update next week.

Albion Online Details Coming Features to Encourage Exploration and Support Various Play Styles.

The latest Albion Online dev talk features game director Robin Henkys discussing the Into The Fray update, Crystal Arena, access, new features like Portal Towns, and more that will be arriving in the June 8th update.

Albion Online's Into the Fray Update Launches on June 8th

Into the Fray, Albion Online's next major update, will be out on June 8th. The update introduces a major magic staff rework, adds Non-Lethal Crystal League mode, and improves castles and castle outposts.