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Albion Online Celebrates Their 4-Year Anniversary with Fireworks, a Fame Boost, and a Classic Dungeon

Albion Online has a lot to celebrate, as the 4-year anniversary medieval sandbox MMORPG has accomplished a great deal since their initial release back in July of 2017. Players that log in between July 17th and July 26th will receive the Mists of Avalon buff, and be reintroduced to the Classic Dungeon, Defenders of the Past.

Albion Online's Call to Arms Patch Live - Patch Notes, Release Trailer Now Available

Albion Online has been hyping their Call to Arms update over the past several weeks, and today, the wait is over. The Call to Arms update will introduce a reworked Faction Warfare System, a new playable faction, and much more.

Albion Online Addresses Rampant Hacking - Hackers' Alt Accounts Also at Risk

Over the past few days, Albion Online's Community Manager Mytherceria took to Reddit to respond to several posts complaining, and sometimes showcasing, hackers in game.

Albion Online's Call to Arms Update Releases March 17th

In Albion Online's Call to Arms update, players will need to prepare themselves for a complete rework of Faction Warfare. A new playable faction, new mounts and more has also been added.

Albion Online Implements More Than 1200 Bans Due to Third-Party Currency Transactions

Sandbox Interactive has been hard at work brandishing their Banhammer in Albion Online by banning over 1200 accounts that have participated in some type of third-party currency transaction.

Your Uncle Frost is Visiting in Albion Online - Plus a Year End Update from Sandbox Interactive

It's that time of year where families get together, and in Albion Online that family includes Uncle Frost, who brings gifts to all who defeat him. Doesn't he sound like every uncle in existence?

Albion Devs Talk Season 11 Changes - Overhauls and Balancing Galore

Albion Online has released a video that outlines, in great detail, the changes coming in Season 11 which includes a complete overhaul to the World Boss Raid Zones and introduces the 20v20 Crystal League. That isn't all that players can look forward to in Season 11 either, as combat balancing is also on the agenda.

Albion Online's Allhallows Event is Back for 2020

Albion Online has their annual Allhallows event going on in game, beckoning players to join in on some Halloween themed content, with some scary good rewards. The event will run until November 4th.

Albion Online Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Special Events and Rewards

Three years after Albion Online's official launch, Sandbox Interactive is throwing an Anniversary celebration marking the momentous occasion. Players who log in during the celebration week, ending July 24th, will earn a 25% fame-boost, free fireworks, and the ability to revisit a dungeon of long past.

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