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Interview: Embers Adrift Producer Talks Studio, Rebranding, And Building An MMO As An Indie

Embers Adrift recently lifted the NDA on their upcoming MMO with its transition to beta. While the studio has gone through several high-profile phases during its life, including the departure of one of its founders and a complete rebrand of the MMO, development keeps trucking along. We sat down with Stormhaven Studios to talk about the studio, the game itself, as well as some of the fallout from last year's news surrounding the rebrand.

Ember's Adrift Talks Quality of Life Improvements, Sets Up Final Alpha Stage

Ember's Adrift, which you'll recall is the new name for the previously titled Saga of Lucimia, recently took to their forums to talk about their upcoming changes alpha players will see the next time they hop into the world. Additionally, the team at Stormhaven is setting the stage for what it calls its final alpha stage, stating that alpha packages will be on sale again here soon.

Saga of Lucimia Is Being Rebranded, Now Called Embers Adrift

The team at Stormhaven Studios have been quiet ever since it was announced that studio founder and Saga of Lucimia IP creator Tim Anderson was no longer involved in the creation of their MMO. However, the team finally revealed what they have been working on today, announcing that the Saga of Lucimia MMO is no more, instead rebranding to Ember's Adrift.

[Update] Saga of Lucimia Developer Stormhaven Studios Release Statement Addressing Concerns Over Game's Status

Stormhaven Studios, the developer of Saga of Lucimia, have released a statement regarding the status of the game in the wake of the news that Tim Anderson, the creator of the Lucimia IP and a co-founder of the studio, was no longer involved in the project.

ESO Adds 3 Million As Gamigo's RIFT Deepens - MMORPG's Quick 5

If you've got 5...or so...minutes, we've got 5...or so...stories of MMO and RPG news for you.

Saga Of Lucimia Creator No Longer Involved In MMORPG's Development

Saga of Lucimia creator Tim "Renfail" Anderson has stepped away from the creation of the MMORPG that bears the IP he created, according to a post on the developer's Patreon.

Saga of Lucimia Shares Release 13 Sizzle Reel

If you want a short and sweet video of Saga of Lucimia, the dev team has you covered.

Watch Over Two Hours of Saga of Lucimia in Q&A Live Stream

Impromptu Saga of Lucimia Stream Looks at Stage Three Alpha

In case you missed it, Saga of Lucimia had an impromptu stream this weekend looking at Stage Three Alpha.

Saga of Lucimia Showcases Upcoming Alpha In New Video

Last night the team at Stormhaven Studios streamed their upcoming alpha for Saga of Lucimia. If you missed it live, the team has put together an archive version to check out leading up to the April 3rd launch.

[RETRACTION] OPINION: Saga of Lucimia Creative Director's View of Crunch is Out of Touch

We have retracted this story and vehemently apologize to the Tim and the team over at Stormhaven Studios for any damage this piece might have caused.

Saga of Lucimia Interview Part 2 - Inspirations And More

In part 2 of our interview with Saga of Lucimia's creative director, Tim Anderson, the developer chats with us about inspirations for his MMORPG, why group content is a focus and more.

Making MMOs - Saga of Lucimia Dev Talks Crunch, Making MMOs and Studio Transparency

Making MMORPGs, especially in today's industry, isn't easy. It's especially got its own set of challenges if you're a small studio working on your first project as an MMO. We sat down with Saga of Lucimia's Creative Director, Tim Anderson, to discuss topics such as crunch, the business of making MMOs, the games industry, risk and more.

Saga of Lucimia Shows Off Small Group Content In New Alpha Video

Saga of Lucimia is approaching its next Alpha phase in its development, and the team a Stormhaven Studios took to Twitch earlier today to showcase some of the small group content in the MMORPG.