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RuneScape Will Focus More on Community Feedback, and Offers Some Roadmap Updates

The RuneScape team is looking ahead, going "back to basics" and refocusing development on transparency and community feedback more integral, sharing a short-term roadmap update in the process.

Defend Fort Forthinry From Zemouregal and Ancient Dragon Vorkath in RuneScape

RuneScape's next quest is here, in the new Necromancy season challenge, Vorkath: Battle of Forthinry. Face down Zemouregal and the newly-awoken ancient dragon Vorkath in a multi-phase battle to defend Fort Forthinry.

RuneScape Launching Combat Beta to Weave Some Necromancy Combat Style Elements into Existing Styles

After letting the Necromancy update settle in and the community adjust to the new content, Jagex has some balance changes and announced RuneScape will refine the existing combat styles. 

RuneScape's First Necromancy Season Update, Ancient Awakening, is Live

The first RuneScape update for the Necromancy season is here. Ancient Awakening adds a new mission and storyline, new player versus monster mode, and expands Fort Forthinry.

RuneScape Opens First Battle Pass Season: Hero Pass: Underworld, With New Reward Types, and Changes

This week, RuneScape has launched its first battle pass season. Hero Pass: Underworld features Necromancy and Fort Forthinry-themed missions, rewards, buffs to discover, and new, improved cosmetics.

Necromancy is Live in RuneScape, With a New Season, Combat Style, and Roadmap Update

Necromancy is live in RuneScape. The huge, game-changing update is here, bringing the first new combat style, an all-new season, skill, and much more.

RuneScape Prepares for Necromancy With Combat Preview and New Details

Necromancy is coming to RuneScape on August 7th. Jagex has a "pre-launch" week to get everyone set up and ready for the huge update on the way.

This Week, RuneScape Gets Double XP, Double Logout Timers, and a Prep Guide for Necromancy

Double XP is back in RuneScape this week, just in time to prepare for the release of Necromancy in early August. The team has also extended the logout timer and issued a number of fixes.

RuneScape Details Rituals, the Core Skilling Part of Necromancy

Necromancy is coming to RuneScape on August 7th, and the team breaks down Rituals, she key Skilling part of Necromancy.

RuneScape June Game Jam Projects Include Graphical Updates, QoL Changes, and Clarifying Old Quests

The RuneScape team has an update on the results of the June game jam, and gives a look at some of the ideas, projects, and other features that we could see in the future. 

Necromancy Arrives in RuneScape on August 7th

Necromancy will arrive in RuneScape on August 7th, bringing the game's first new combat skill, an entire season and storyline, and much more.

Woodcutters' Grove and Woodcutting Update Arrive in RuneScape

The Woodcutters' Grove has arrived in RuneScape. The new addition to Fort Forthinry is here, along with  Woodcutting rebalances, and events.

Necromancy Will Be RuneScape's Fourth Combat Style, as Jagex Reveals Lots of Details

Not only will Necromancy be a new skill--and a full season--, but it will be RuneScape's fourth combat style. Jagex made some huge reveals today on what to expect later this year.

RuneScape Sets Necromancy Reveal Stream Details, Q&A, and More Coming Next Week

With Necromancy coming, the RuneScape team has revealed full details on next week's big gameplay reveal, developer Q&A, streamer content, and much more.

RuneScape Visually Upgrades 10 Older Areas, Extends Yak Track, and Begins More Treasure Hunter

The next round of graphical upgrades is here for RuneScape, polishing and overhauling 10 older areas this time. Jagex has extended the already big Yak Track, and has a new round of Treasure Hunter.