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Rumors Point to Diablo IV Preorders Next Month, With a Spring Launch

There's some new speculation about Diablo IV's release window, pointing at April as when we might expect the release. Of course, these are rumors, and Blizzard has only committed to 2023 so far.

Is Microsoft Publishing Mainframe's Upcoming Cloud-Native MMO?

Speculation is out that Microsoft may be the publisher of the cloud-native MMORPG in the works from Mainframe, which secured $8.3 million in funding for development on its project.

Report: Wargaming is Developing a Free to Play Multiplayer FPS

Accoridng to a new report, Wargaming, the developer behind World of Warships, World of Warplanes, and World of Tanks, may be getting ready to enter the multiplayer free to play FPS market.

 New Final Fantasy Spin-Off Reportedly Could Be Announced At E3 2021

A new rumor sprang up over the weekend, giving credence to the idea that a new Final Fantasy game could be revealed during Square Enix's showcase at E3 2021 next month.

New Rumor Suggests The Burning Crusade Classic May Be Releasing June 1st

New leaked screenshots of the Battle.net launcher suggest that World of Warcraft's The Burning Crusade Classic could be launching as early as June 1st.

The Burning Crusade Classic Closed Beta Testing Could Start This Month According To A Leaked Internal Email

For those who have been waiting to get their hands on World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic's beta, you might not have much longer to wait if an internal email leaked on Reddit is any indication. The leak, posted by Reddit user zon3tknew3, points to an email sent to Blizzard employees about the upcoming closed beta for The Burning Crusade Classic coming later this month.

Is a New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game in the Works?

Is there a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game in the works? According to several sources, this may be the case.