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9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far, the Sequel to 8-Bit Armies, Announced by Petroglyph

Petroglyph Games have announced the sequel to its 2016 real-time strategy game 8-Bit Armies, 9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far.

Frontier Developments Releases Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin is out today. The first-ever RTS in the Warhammer universe offers four factions, a single player campaign, and multiplayer modes.

Preview - Total War: Pharaoh Looks At The World Before The Bronze Age Collapse

Total War: Pharaoh arrives in October, and Creative Assembly invited MMORPG to preview the first 50 turns of the Ramesses campaign. Kevin had the chance to explore some of the features in the upcoming release. Check out his initial thoughts on how it feels to play one of the leaders in Ancient Egypt during the Bronze Age collapse.

Frontier Developments' RTS Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin Gets Open Beta in July

Frontier Developments' RTS Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin is getting an open beta next month, with new footage of the upcoming title unveiled this weekend.

Warhammer Skulls Reveals New Darktide, Vermintide 2 Content, Lots of Wargaming Goodies, and a New RTS

The Warhammer Skulls event revealed new Warhammer 40k collaborations across Wargaming's IPs,new content for Vermintide 2 and Darktide, and Frontier Developments' new Warhammer RTS.

Strategy Session: Company of Heroes 3's Dynamic Map Is Going To Keep Me Coming Back For More

Company of Heroes 3 aims to be the biggest entry in the series to date, and by the looks of it, Relic Entertainment just might pull it off. We took a look at the upcoming dynamic map campaign, as well as custom matches ahead of next year's release.

Stardock Launches sins Of A Solar Empire II Into Early Access Today

Stardock's follow-up to its RTS classic has hit early access today, bringing a technical preview of Sins of a Solar Empire II to players. The RTS sequel is debuting new mechanics to the franchise, as well as its new game engine in what will be a phased development rollout throughout the next year.

Company of Heroes 3 Hitting Steam November 17th, North African Mission Revealed and Playable for One Week

Company of Heroes 3  will be coming to Steam on November 17th. Preorders are also open, but access to a special North African Operation mission over the next week opens today.

Victoria 3 Launches Later This Year, Debuts New Gameplay At PC Gaming Show

Paradox's Victorian-era grand strategy sim, Victoria 3, debuted a new gameplay trailer today at the PC Gaming Show. The new trailer gives a glimpse into some of the major mechanics of the upcoming strategy game, as well as revealed that it will release later this year on PC.

Galactic Civilizations IV Review

Developer Stardock Entertainment released Galactic Civilizations IV on April 26th. This 4x space strategy retains several familiar elements for fans of the series while incorporating new features. After playing through several games, this is Kevin's review.

Not So MMO: Dune Spice Wars Preview

Dune Spice Wars is a new RTS game by Shiro Games. Having just been released into early access, we take a look at how life is on Arakkis fares under the Funcom banner.

4X RTS Dune: Spice Wars Show Off New Gameplay With New Trailer, Early Access Coming This Spring

Funcom showed off a new and extended look at the upcoming 4X RTS game, Dune: Spice Wars with a new trailer. The new video shows off unit management, combat and much more.

Total War Warhammer 3 Preview - Mix And Match Your Daemon

The Total War games have had a special place for Bradford ever since his childhood, and the recent Warhammer series have reinvigorated the franchise. Yet the third installment seems poised to be more narratively focused than the rest. We check it out in our preview of Total War: Warhammer 3.

The Game Awards: Funcom's Dune: Spice Wars RTS Announced, Coming To Early Access Next Year On PC

At The Game Awards this evening, Funcom and Shiro Games announced the title of the upcoming Dune-based strategy game in the works. Dune: Spice Wars is a 4X RTS set in Frank Herbert's universe and is scheduled to hit early access sometime next year on PC.

E3 2021: Falling Frontier Is Space-Faring Strategy From The Mind Of A Single Developer

When we hear "developed by a single person," we expect to see something on a smaller scale, perhaps a simple design and basic gameplay. We don't expect to see a gigantic, procedurally generated space strategy game with hours of content in every session, but Scott D'Arcy of Stutter Fox Studios is doing just that. After checking the game out during an online E3 2021 hands-off demo, Falling Frontier has landed firmly on our radar.