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The RPG Files: Babylon's Fall Review

Babylon's Fall aims to take players to the city of Neo Babylon, tasked with reclaiming the fabled Tower of Babel. But is it successful, or does the Platinum Games' title fall flat?

The RPG Files: Trials of Mana Review

Trials of Mana is a fantastic remake of an Action RPG that tragically never came to the West until recently. It is evident that great care has been taken to create an experience as close to the original as possible, although liberties to improve upon the story should have been taken on. Although the combat may get repetitive and boss battles are rarely challenging, Trials has a ton of charm and fun that is easily accessible for new players and old fans alike.

Be Honest, You Don't Finish Your Games

For the last couple of years, I've been fascinated at how few players actually complete their games. It all started when I read this IGN write-up of a GDC talk where the narrative and design leads from Microsoft and Riot revealed that, at most, half of the games they examined were finished.