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Bless Unleashed PC Review In Progress

Bless Unleashed has hit on PC, and while the MMORPG itself has been out on console for a little over a year, the Bless IP has some ground to cover on PC. Scott has put about 40 hours into the PC version of Unleashed thus far, and has some thoughts.

Bless Unleashed Outlines Combat Changes and New Dungeons Coming in the Spring Update

In the Spring Update of Bless Unleashed players will see a lot of welcome changes, and with the latest information added in the Spring Update announcement, combat improvements have been included in the list of alterations.

Interview - Talking With Jason Park From Bless Unleashed On Its PC Version And Lessons Learned From Console

Bless Unleashed released on consoles earlier this year, but the main focus right now is the PC, which will see itself n Closed Beta again next month. We caught up with Jason Park, Round 8 Studio's Head of Development to talk Bless on PC, lessons from Bless Online and how the lessons from the console launch have helped the PC, and game, overall.

Bless Unleashed's Next PC Closed Beta Starts January 14th

The next PC closed beta test for Bless Unleashed is coming next month, according to Neowiz and Round8 Studio. The CBT test for the MMORPG is coming to PC players on January 14th.

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