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Inkbound Early Access Impressions - A Great Little Roguelike

Mike has been playing Inkbound now for a few weeks and has come away from Shiny Shoe's latest offering quite impressed. Check out our full thoughts ahead of Inkbound's early access launch next week.

Preview: Inkbound's Story Book World Is An Interesting Hook I Want To Explore More

Written on the pages of every book is a voice to be heard, a story to be told, and a message to be received.  What happens when the voice becomes distorted? What happens when the stories lose their anchor? What happens when the message becomes corrupted?  Shiny Shoe Games, the devs behind Monster Train, explore this very idea in Inkbound.

Have A Nice Death Review - Roguelike In The Afterlife

Being The Grim Reaper is a hard job! Death incarnate has a lot of souls he's responsible for but that's what delegating is for.  Unfortunately, turning death into a fully staffed operation has come with some downsides. Have a Nice Death takes you through the corporate drudgery with Death himself, and what we have is a competent - if a tad too difficult - roguelike. Here's our review.

Online RPG Inkbound Launching On Steam Early Access May 22nd

Inkbound, the upcoming online RPG from Shiny Shoe, is releasing later this Spring, coming to Steam Early Access on May 22nd.

Can a Roguelike MMORPG Actually Work? | One Good Roll

Sometimes the easiest way to inject a feeling of new and exciting gameplay into MMOs is to fuse aspects of different game genres. Is it possible that a Roguelike/Roguelite MMO could actually work?

Preview: Inkbound Is A Fun, Unique Take On A Rogue-Like Set In A World Where Stories Come To Life

Upcoming co-op RPG Inkbound, from Shiny Shoe, recently held a preview event, and we had a chance to take this unique rogue-like for a spin with the developers. And so far, it's looking pretty good.