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RODE PodMic USB Review

The original RODE PodMic was one of the best budget XLR mics for streamers, content creators, and average gamers. The PodMic USB takes additional gear out of the equation and adds a suite of vocal effects that make it even better -- but at $199. Find out if it's worth upgrading to in this review.

RODECaster Duo Review: The RODECaster Pro II Mini

The RODECaster Pro II is one of the best podcast and content creation audio solutions out there, but for the average streamer and home creator, you could be paying for inputs you don't need. The RODECaster Duo is the solution. Smaller, cheaper, but no less feature-rich and powerful, it's a tremendous option if you only need two mic inputs. Find out more in this review!

RODE NT1 5th Generation Hybrid USB/XLR Microphone Review

RODE just released an update to one of its most popular microphones ever with the RODE NT1 5th Generation. With "unclippable" audio, dual XLR and USB connectivity with studio-grade effects, and the rich detailed sound that made the NT1 a classic, this is a microphone you definitely don't want to miss. Find out more in our review.

RODE NTH-100M Headset Review

Looking for a great headset that will work for gaming and content creation in one? RODE may have the answer with its NTH-100M Headset. Find out in this review!

RODE NT-USB+ Microphone Review

RODE just re-released its most iconic USB microphone. Is the NT-USB+ the best microphone for streamers and content creators? Find out in our review!

RODE Upgrades a Classic and Launches the NT-USB+ Microphone

RODE announced its latest microphone today, upgrading one of its most classic entries for PC content creation, the NT-USB. The new microphone is dubbed the NT-USB+ and takes the design of the original to a new level. Complete with an upgraded condenser microphone capsule, the company's fresh and outstanding revolution preamp, and an internal digital signal processor (DSP) for broadcast quality vocal FX, it's a premier option for content creators that crave the portability and easy setup of USB. 

RODE X XCM-50 and XDM-100 Review: RODE's Love Letter to Streamers

RODE just launched a sub-brand dedicated to gamers and streamers: RODE X. We've taken a look at its first products, the XCM-50 condenser microphone,the XDM-100 dynamic mic, and the game-changing Unify software. Don't want to invest in a GoXLR? This is a review you won't want to miss.

RODE RODECaster Pro 2 Review: Almost Perfect

The RODECaster Pro 2 is a triumphant return to the content creation space. Whether you're a podcaster, streamer, or bedroom musician, this portable mixing studio demands your attention. Watch out, GoXLR. Find out more in our review!

Rode Unveils the Rodecaster Pro II

Rode Microphones just unveiled its latest all-in-one audio solution for gamers, podcasters, and creators. It's the Rodecaster Pro II and it may just be game-changing.

RODE Microphones RODECaster Pro Review

Are you a content creator looking to produce higher quality audio? The RODECaster Pro may just be your ticket to sounding like a pro.

Rode PodMic Review: The Best Budget Microphone for Streaming

Are you a content creator on a budget, that wants great sound? The Rode PodMic might just be for you! This is our official review.