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Rockstar Games Confirms Huge Grand Theft Auto Leak, But Vows to 'Properly Introduce' the Game In Time

Rockstar Games has acknowledged that there has been a major leak involving the in-development next Grand Theft Auto title, but vows to continue work on the game and unveil it in its own time. 

Grand Theft Auto VI Will Be Set in Fictional Miami and Feature a Playable Female Protagonist

Details on Grand Theft Auto VI have emerged. GTA will get its first playable female protagonist in the 3D era, a Latina who co-leads the Bonnie and Clyde-inspired story set in a fictional Miami, along with a huge map with more interiors than ever.

The Criminal Enterprises Update Now Live On GTA Online, Brings Massive Mission Changes to Los Santos

The latest update for Rockstar's epic online mode for Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto Online, has now live. The Criminal Enterprises brings with it massive changes to missions in the online mode, as well as adds new missions, new cars, weapons and much more.

Rockstar Confirms New GTA is in Development, Talks GTA Online Updates and PS5/Xbox Series Launches

Rockstar confirms that the next Grand Theft Auto is in development, while preparing to launch GTA V and GTA Online on current gen consoles next month, complete with tech upgrades.

Dr. Dre is Your Client in GTA Online with The Contract, the Latest Major Update, Featuring New Music

Grand Theft Auto Online has just gotten a big content update and it features Franklin Clinton of  GTA V, managing a  "celebrity solutions agency" with a very high-profile client, Dr. Dre. The extensive update features new music, new areas, quality of life updates and more.

Enjoy Tricks, Treats, and Some Masked Halloween Horrors in Red Dead Online This Week

Red Dead Online's Halloween kicks off this week with some new challenges, double XP and gold, and some spooky masks and rewards.

GTA Online Revving Up Triple Bonuses This Week

GTA Online is revving up the bonuses this week. Take part in a few challenges for boosted RP and GTA$ this week, a free hoodie, and maybe win the car of the week.

Red Dead Online Is Releasing As A Standalone Game December 1st

Rockstar announced this morning that their online component to the award-winning Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, is getting a standalone game this December.

GTA Fans Are Obsessing Over A Virginia Road In New GTA 6 Theory

Grand Theft Auto is no stranger to speculation, and the latest fan theory might be one of the weirdest - yet interesting ones - yet. In a teaser for GTA Online's next update, Rockstar planted what looked like GPS coordinates that are now fueling speculation as to the sequel to the Rockstar game.