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Rockstar Announces CircoLoco Records, New Record Label in Parternship with CircoLoco

Rockstar, developers behind such games as GTA Online, have announced a new record label in partnership with CircoLoco. The name of this new label is fittingly called CircoLoco Records. Here's the breakdown.

Rockstar Owner Talks About It's Remaster Strategy Approach In Recent Interview

Take-Two, the company that owns gaming giant Rockstar, recently had their CEO discuss the company's approach to remastering their games. CEO Strauss Zelnick talked about how the remaster strategy they employ differs from how some other gaming companies do it in the end.

Rockstar Thanks Its Community, Stating More People Played GTA Online Than Any Previous Year In 2020

More people played Grand Theft Auto Online last year than before, according to a new blog post by Rockstar. Red Dead Online also saw growth, with more new players since the beta hitting last December.

Grand Theft Auto V Coming To PS5 2021

Console fans of Grand Theft Auto V can rest assured they can bring their adventures in Los Santos to the next gen. Announced today during Sony's Future Of Gaming PS5 Event, Rockstar revealed that GTAV will hit Sony's new console in 2021.

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