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Albion Online Details Upcoming Beyond The Veil Content Drop In New Blogpost

Albion Online laid out its plans for its next content drop, Beyond the Veil, in a new blogpost that talks about how the MMO aims to improve on its existing Roads of Avalon system.

Albion Online Surpassed Over 125,000 Daily Average Users This Month

In the most recent population update for Albion Online, the team have announced that the Daily Average User count has surpassed 125,000 for the first time.

Albion Online Team Warns Using Third Party GPS Tools is Bannable

If you've been thinking about using a third party GPS tool for Albion Online's Roads of Avalon, well, you might want to think twice.

Albion Devs Talk Hideouts in Latest Video

In the third part of an ongoing Dev Talk featuring the Roads of Avalon in Albion Online, Hideouts are the main topic of conversation. Game Director Robin Henkys goes into detail on all manner of topics, such as how you come to place a Hideout, and the challenges of living in Avalon.

Albion Online's Rise of Avalon Update Available on Test

Albion Online's newest update, Rise of Avalon, is now available on their Staging environment.

Albion Online Dev Talk Discusses Roads of Avalon

A recent Albion Online Dev Talk takes a look at the Roads of Avalon ahead of the Rise of Avalon update arriving in August.

Albion 2020 Roadmap Talks About New Type of Solo Dungeon

A recent Albion Online update discusses more solo content.