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Necromancy Will Be RuneScape's 29th Skill, Coming in 2023

Necromancy will be RuneScape's 29th skill when it arrives next year. Jagex revealed this along with roadmap update details on new storyline, quests, death costs reduction, and much more to come in 2023.

New World Previews Spring-Summer 2023 Roadmap, Territory Balance Changes, Events and More

 The New World team has shared an updated roadmap, along with the latest dev update video.  The video and roadmap cover the return of the Winter Convergence Festival, territory changes  the make things fairer, and a peek at major planned updated through next summer.

Profane Updates Their Alpha Roadmap for November - Gathering and Housing Are Nearly Complete

It has been a little while since Profane developers Insane Game Studio posted a roadmap depicting the games progress. In the November roadmap release, we see several items showing as complete or nearly completed, and the team has outlined exactly what their focus has been over the past few months.

Mortal Online 2 Updates July and August Roadmap

The July and August roadmap for Mortal Online 2 has been updated. Here's what's changed and what you can look forward to.

Here's the Latest Roadmap Roundup from Star Citizen

Star Citizen recently released their latest roadmap roundup with some items being added to Alpha 3.12.

Star Citizen Elevator Panel UI Rework Moved to 3.12

The Star Citizen team have provided another Roadmap Roundup, with some work on the elevator panels being pushed out from 3.11.0 into Alpha 3.12.