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Broken Ranks 2024 Roadmap Outlines Improvements, New Content, Mobile Version Progress, and More

The Broken Ranks team has released a new 2024 roadmap, following the recent second anniversary and big Shadow of Hope update. 

Lost Ark Gets a Roadmap Update, Region Merge, and Updates on 'Major Ban Wave' in Fight Against RMT

Lost Ark finally has a new roadmap update, taking us through the major content beats  for the next two months, server merge plans, and a major region merge ahead. The Amazon team also updates on the latest ban wave and the continued fight against RMT.

Ilysia Team Refocusing on Four Key Improvements, 'Dialing Back' Weekly Updates to Get Those Done First

Team 21 Studio has shifted some of its roadmap for Early Access VR MMORPG, Ilysia. The changes come alongside fulfilling promises on transparency from the devs on what they're working on.

RuneScape Gives End of Year Roadmap Update, With Vorkath: Battle of Forinthry, Upgrades, and Events

RuneScape is previewing its end of the year roadmap, with a new cinematic for the upcoming arrival of Vorkath, in "Battle for Forthinry", the Christmas event with new additions, new Vorkath event, and updates on combat and visual upgrades.

Inkbound Early Access Roadmap Update Details Next Major Update This Month and Road to 1.0

Inkbound is about to have a busy October. Developer Shiny Shoe has a brand new roadmap update with new goals, details on what they're working on, and the date for the next major update, October 27th.

Lost Ark Announces Two New Continents, Fast Progression Servers, Souleater Class, and Dinosaur Battle Royale

Two new continents, new "jump start" fast progression servers, new raids, dungeons, an arena battle royale mode where you have to survive other players and dinosaurs? That and more feature in the roadmap update from Lost Ark

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, Facing Continued Login Server Issues, Shuffles Roadmap

The content roadmap for Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore has been shuffled a bit due to login server instability.

Maegu Awakening and Imoogi Go Live in Black Desert Online Today, as Pearl Abyss Presents a New Roadmap

Maegu Awakening and the giant serpent boss Imoogi arelive today in Black Desert Online. Pearl Abyss announced a slew of new content on the way, including a 300-vs-300 PvP Conquest, a new realm in August, and more.

Gloria Victis 'Season of Feudal Lords' Shakes Up Location Ownership to Increase Competition and Rewards

Season of Feudal Lords shakes up location ownership in Gloria Victis, with the major update adding a layered feudal system, increasing competition, and rewards.

Fractures in Time is Dragonflight's Next Update, With New Dracthyr Evoker Specialization and Mega-Dungeon

World of Warcraft's next Dragonflight update is Fractures in Time. The dracthyr Evoker gets a new Specialization--damage dealing by way of support--there's a new mega-dungeon, public event, and babysitting dragons.

Guild Wars 2 Updates Spring and Summer Roadmap, Teases Features, and Sheds Light on New Content Model

An updated spring/summer roadmap for Guild Wars 2 is out, along with a community Q&A on the new content model, and some big teases for what's down the line.

RuneScape Sets First Necromancy Reveal for This Month, and the Skill Comes With Its Own Season

A Necromancy reveal is coming for RuneScape this month. The team announced details in a roadmap update that also revealed Necromancy will get its own full season.

Profane's Roadmap Update Has Early Semisus Complete, and Devs Ask for Feedback on Trade and Economy

The Profane team has a roadmap update, with a number of changes and updates on work completed and new phases beginning.

Lost Ark Roadmap Update Reveals New Classes, Reworks, a New Continent, and Much More on the Way

A roadmap update for Lost Ark reveals new class in May, new Guardian Raid, endgame reworks, the second Specialist advanced class, and more.

Profane Updates Roadmap for February, Guild Systems and Death are Finally Complete

The upcoming indie fantasy MMORPG Profane has updated the roadmap to reflect the latest progress made on the game. The recent update shows some strides made in fleshing out guild systems while also inching closer to some more consistent progress with NPCs and mobs.