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Guild Wars 2 Roadmap Update Offers 24/7 WvW Beta, PvP Updates, Balance Changes, and Teases What's Next

Guild Wars 2 is looking ahead with a new studio update and roadmap. There are updates on WvW, PvP changes, a date for the next skills and balance update, and more.

RuneScape Roadmap Reveals Group Ironman, New Skilling Content, Skilling Boss, and Much More

Group Ironman is coming to RuneScape, adding a more social way to experience Ironman. This year, expect new story quests, new Skilling content, a new boss dungeon, new bosses, and much more.

Reign Of Guilds Recouped Its 2023 Budget, Will Hire Game Moderator After First Bans

Reign of Guilds has offered a small 20-day update with insight on fixes, history, and future moderation efforts.

Lost Ark Roadmap Reveals New Endgame Content, New Continent, Raids, Events, and Much More in May-July

From May-July in Lost Ark, a new roadmap reveals the Thaemine epilogue, a new Trial Guardian Raid, new events, a brand new continent, more raids, advanced honing, and Western-exclusive cosmetics. 

Homeworld 3 One Year Roadmap Revealed As It Gears Up For May Launch

The developers at Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive have released the year one roadmap for their upcoming RTS title, Homeworld 3, giving players a taste of what to expect post-launch.

Roadmap For Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary Celebration Unveiled

An in-person event in Amsterdam unveiled 10th anniversary celebration of The Elder Scrolls Online with in-game, real-life, and platform-specific treats.

RuneScape Will Focus More on Community Feedback, and Offers Some Roadmap Updates

The RuneScape team is looking ahead, going "back to basics" and refocusing development on transparency and community feedback more integral, sharing a short-term roadmap update in the process.

Diablo Immortal's Huge Precipice of Terror Update Detailed, With New Elite Quest, New Best Tier Gear, and More

The Diablo Immortal team is sharing more info on the Age of Unmaking, and the year's first major update, Precipice of Horror, including a new Elite Quest, Terror Rifts, Oblivion Pillars, and the new best gear tier, Eternal Equipment.

Diablo Immortal Roadmap Reveals a Big, Hellish Road to Come, With a New Class, Co-op and New Modes

Diablo Immortal is preparing for the Age of Unmaking, with a brand new roadmap outlining some of the highlights coming this year, including a new class (as in new to the Diablo universe new), the second anniversary, new challenges, co-op mode, and much more.

Skull Flag, Blurred Image Tease World of Warcraft's 'Bold, New, Limited-Time Event' For 10.2.6

When World of Warcraft's roadmap was included to update 10.2.6, fans were left wondering about one specific symbol. What could it be?

Enshrouded Developer Keen Games Shares 2024 Roadmap Detailing Over 40 New Additions

Enshrouded developer Keen Games have shared an early access roadmap detailing the studio's plans for the game in 2024.

New Nightingale Roadmap Outlines Short and Medium Term Goals, Like Stability Improvements and Offline Mode

A new Nightingale roadmap details some of what we'll see in the short term (like performance improvements and auto storage stacking) and medium term features (like offline mode and better enemy AI).

World of Warcraft Dragonflight's Upcoming Update Will Not Have a PTR

For eons, the developers of World of Warcraft have allowed players to dive head first into the upcoming content via a Public Test Realm, but it seems that the upcoming Dragonflight update will not be following suit with the PTR.

Sky: Children of the Light Shares 2024 Development Roadmap 

In a blog post this week, the developers of Sky: Children of the Light have shared what's ahead for Sky in 2024, teasing in spurts a slew of features and upcoming events. 

Embers Adrift Unveils New Roadmap, Will Offer Full First Zone Free Trial

Embers Adrift has begun 2024 with some recent additions, like the new bulletin board system that launched this week. The Stormhaven Studios team has released a big roadmap for the game, and announced a new free trial is on the way.