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Mortal Online 2 releases Updated Roadmap: 'An Enthralling Experience Ahead'

Earlier this month players of Starvault's Mortal Online 2 were informed that they will learn much more about what's headed down the pipe in an upcoming stream with CEO Henrik Nystrom. Last week, Henrik took to the weekly Twitch Stream and provided a new Roadmap, that details plenty of new features.

PlanetSide 2 Closes in on 10-Year Anniversary, Plans Visual Updates and More!

PlanetSide 2 released back on November 20th, 2012, and in just a few short weeks Rogue Planet Games will be celebrating the 10-year anniversary! What's headed our way?

Analyzing Lost Ark's End of Year Roadmap

This Lost Ark roadmap is quite the juicy one, and will mark the end of the Legion Commander Raid mainline series that KR has had up until recently. We're also getting two new classes, back to back to back, and some unexpected content as well! Join Lowry as they break it down.

Lost Ark's June-July Roadmap: The Quick and Dirty

This past week, Amazon-Smilegate revealed their Lost Ark roadmap for June and July. A lot of it was expected, and some were surprising. Lowry breaks down what they are looking forward to with the upcoming content in the MMOARPG.

Lost Ark's Roadmap Talks Advanced Class Releases, Communication And More

Lost Ark fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the June and July content roadmap for the Smilegate RPG title. Thankfully, this afternoon the dev team released their roadmap for the next few months, talking about advanced classes, communication and more.

Profane Has Updated Their Roadmap for May and Things are Shaping Up!

Profane has made some great strides over the past several months. According to the latest Roadmap, a lot of the core features have been put together and integrated into the game, but it still seems like there is a lot left to go.

Finally, Lost Ark's April And May Roadmap Has Been Revealed, We Break It Down

Lost Ark finally released their roadmap and Lowry breaks it down. They pick out what is good and what could be cause for some concern down the road. Check out their thoughts.

Atlas Provides 2022 Roadmap as Part of Transparency Initiative

What is Atlas up to in 2022? If you've asked yourself that question, Grapeshot Games has the answer in the form of a short roadmap video, depicting what players should expect in the coming year. They have also provided a quick overview of what changes went into place in 2021. Let's see what we have to look forward to in Atlas this year.

Profane Has Updated Its 2022 Alpha Roadmap, Complete With Progress Bars

Profane, the indie MMORPG in development by studio Insane, has released a new roadmap detailing work to be done in 2022 on the sandbox MMORPG. The roadmap shows quite a bit of work on the horizon, however the team is using progress bars on the map to show, well, their progress.

Starbase is Behind Schedule, New Roadmap Summarizes Delayed Features

The voxel-based space MMO Starbase has fallen a little behind schedule with some key features lately. Developer Frozenbyte doesn't want players to worry too much, so they released a roadmap detailing what has been delayed, and when players might see those features in game.

Swords of Legends Online Announces Roadmap Changes and More

Swords of Legends Online launched earlier this year and has received consistent updates sinces its release. Today, Gameforge announced an updated roadmap for the MMORPG.

Profane Declares Success on Alpha Roadmap Part 1 - Prepares for Part 2

Profane, the in-development classless, level-less sandbox is tucking their Alpha Roadmap Part 1 away this month, as they prepare to unleash their next set of goals in their 2021 Alpha Roadmap Part 2 expected within the next couple months.

Mortal Online 2 Updates July and August Roadmap

The July and August roadmap for Mortal Online 2 has been updated. Here's what's changed and what you can look forward to.

Dual Universe 2021 Roadmap Includes Asteroid Discovery, PvP Rebalance, QoL

Novaquark recently presented their updated Dual Universe roadmap for the rest of 2021 for Apollo, Demeter, and Juno updates slated throughout this year.

Albion Online Director Recaps Mobile Launch, Talks What's Next

The mobile launch for Albion Online happened earlier last month and in the weeks since, the team has had time to look back. The latest Dev Talk includes Game Director Robin Henkys discussing the launch and looking ahead to what's next.