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Latest New World Community Q&A Covers Lessons Learned from Rise of the Angry Earth And Season 4

The latest New World community Q&A is out, and the team covers lessons learned from Season 3 and Rise of the Angry Earth, endgame, gear, progression challenges, and more. There's also a behind the scenes look at Artifacts.

New World Server Merges To Begin in Response to Population Dips After Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion

The New World team begins a round of server merges intended to follow population dips following the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in October.

New World's Latest Forged In Aeternum Talks Player Economy And Foreshadows Pets, Maybe

New World's latest Forged in Aeternum video highlights its player economy and how the devs both monitor its health and take action to fix things when they identify an issue. Also joining in on the discussion is a good boy dog, which the devs jokingly foreshadow as the coming of pets in Aeternum.

New World Update Rolls Out Tonight to Begin Halloween, Balance Expansion Content, and Fix Bugs

New World's latest update is set to go live overnight, bringing the return of Nightveil Hallow, and opportunities to fight Baalphazu once more. In addition to the Halloween event, the update has a whole bunch of fixes and improvements across the board.

New World Introduces Free World Transfers in Response to High Queue Times

New World, Amazon Games' flagship MMORPG, has announced a limited-time test of a new in-game feature aimed at enhancing the user experience on congested worlds.

New World Rise Of The Angry Earth Review In Progress

It's been a week since New World's Rise of the Angry Earth has released, and Bradford has been putting the expansion's new features through their paces. Check out our initial thoughts in our review in progress.

New World Team Details Improvements and Collaborative Process Behind Cinematics in Rise of the Angry Earth

New World's latest Forged in Aeternum is all about cinematics, both the design process and collaboration in the base game and in the just-released Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. 

New World Spins Up More Servers To Combat Queues While It Works Through Host Of Bugs

New World has been having a week thanks to the launch of its first paid expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. However, as rising player counts have caused queues to return, Amazon has needed to spin up even more servers to combat the issue.

New World Player Count Jumps With Rise Of The Angry Earth Expansion While Queues, Issues Persist

New World launched its first paid expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, yesterday, and the excitement new content - especially mounts - has brought to Amazon's MMO has seen a return in queues and a rise in player count.

New World's Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion Is Out Now - Are You Hopping Back Into Aeternum?

New World's first paid expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, has officially launched today, bringing the next chapter of the Amazon MMO to players.

New World's Rise of the Angry Earth Patch Notes and Unlock Details Are Here

New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion will be here tomorrow, and Amazon has shared the patch notes, sale and unlock details, and more to expect from the expansion and base game tomorrow.

New World: Call of the Wilds Will Show Off Rise of the Angry Earth and Reward Skins Via Twitch Drops

Next week, New World will host a community streaming event, Call of the Wilds, to highlight several features n the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion and give new skins via Twitch Drops.

New World The Savage Divide Expedition to Feature all Beasts, the Team Talks Design Challenges

Expedition The Savage Divide, coming to New World in rise of the Angry Earth, gets new details on the lore, the challenge of designing an all-beasts encounter, and making the Elysian Wilds feel distinct.

New World Reveals Details on the Season Pass 3 Rewards for Season 3, Including Artifacts and Skins

Season 3 is fast approaching in New World. Amazon has released all of the details on reward tracks and what we can expect from both free and premium tiers.

New World Creative Director Talks Paths to Gear Score 700, Perks, Finding Artifacts, and More

Creative Director David Verfaillie answers questions on New World's expansion changes, where to find Artifacts, how to raise your gear score, perk overhauls, and more.