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Riot MMO Lead Greg 'Ghostcrawler' Street Explains Why They Announced Early, Expectations, and Change

Riot Games MMO lead Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street took to Twitter to respond to questions about why Riot announced an MMO so early, player expectations, and when more "real" info is coming.

Riot Games and AWS Partner for New Esports Tech, Including First Ever Stats, Power Rankings, and More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is teaming up with Riot Games for new ways to apply AWS tech to esports content and distribution.

Top 5 Things We Want To See In Riot Games' Upcoming League of Legends MMO

Riot Games is working on an MMO set in the Runeterra universe, this much is known. Exactly what that title will look like in the end isn't quite as well known. However, that hasn't stopped us from speculating. Here are five things we want to see in the upcoming League of Legends MMO.

Riot MMO's Executive Producer Hints At Group-Play Focus In Upcoming MMO

Riot's upcoming MMO set in the League of Legends universe is still under tight wraps, though the executive producer on the title, Greg 'Ghostcrawler' Street has pulled the veil back a bit this past weekend. When asked about the approach to group content in the upcoming MMO, Street discussed their philosophy behind this for the upcoming MMO.

Riot Games and California Reach $100 Million Settlement Deal in 2018 Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Suit

Riot Games has announced that it will settle a 2018 lawsuit filed over gender-based discrimination and sexual harassment  for $100 million.

Legends Of Runeterra: Beyond the Bandlewood Impressions

Whenever most players consider the universe of Runeterra and League of Legends, they often consider the extremely successful MOBA. Few players take time to look into Legends of Runeterra, the card game equivalent to LoL. Chris takes a look at the Beyond the Bandlewood expansion of Runeterra.

Riot Sets Up a Hiring Portal for their Upcoming MMORPG

League of Legends developer Riot Games posted a recruitment portal earlier this week, as they look for experienced MMO developers to make the world of Runeterra come alive.

Valheim Takes Over Steam - MMORPG's Top 5 Articles of the Week

This week's Top 5 articles has you covered on the major storylines and articles on the site this week. Valheim took over the Steam Charts this week, selling over 1 million copies in its first week. We really have enjoyed our romp thus far through the survival game thanks to its common sense systems and beautiful visuals. 

Riot Games CEO, Nicolo Laurent, Sued for Sexual Harassment from Fired Employee

In new reporting by Vice Games, a former Riot Games employee Sharon O'Donnell is suing CEO Nicolo Laurent for sexual harassment.

League of Legends Starts Season 11, Shows Off Plans for 2021

With Riot Games starting their latest season of League of Legends, the company announced a variety of new updates to their other League-oriented properties.

Riot Games Confirms It's Working On A League of Legends MMO

In a tweet today by Riot Games' Greg Street, VP of IP and Entertainment at the studio, the company has confirmed that its creating an MMO. Also, in the same tweet the studio confirmed they were hiring for this endeavor.

Valorant Releases Details on New Agent - Skye - Headed to the Game October 27th

The latest tweet on the official Valorant twitter account has provided details, including an announcement video, of their new character, Skye. Skye will provide much needed support to her allies, and looks to be a welcome addition.

Riot-Backed Afrofantasy MMORPG, The Wagadu Chronicles, Has Entered Kickstarter

The first partner in Riot's Underrepresented Founders Program, Twin Drums, has announced that their upcoming Afrofantasy MMORPG, The Wagadu Chronicles, has officially launched its Kickstarter.

VALORANT - Act II Launching August 4th Adding Deathmatch, Battlepass, New Character

Riot Games has announced that VALORANT will release Act II tomorrow, August 4th, which will bring a new Battlepass, a new Deathmatch mode, and a new agent to play. The Battlepass will cost 1000 VP and contain its own unique unlockables.

Riot Talks How They Created Valorant's Split Map

In a lengthy post earlier, Riot described in great detail the design and development of their Split map in Valorant.