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Interview: Talking Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom Reveal With Rich Lambert

Last week, after the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Zenimax Online Studios laid out the beginnings of what players can expect in 2023 from The Elder Scrolls Online. A new storyline taking players back to Morrowind, this time to the Telvanni Peninsula, kicks off in March, with things really ramping up in June with the annual expansion release. We chatted with game director Rich Lambert about what players can expect in 2023.

ESO's Rich Lambert Talks Crunch, Acknowledging Zenimax Online Deals With 'Some' Crunch While Making The MMO

Rich Lambert, the creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online, addressed the subject of crunch while at Gamescom in a new interview. During the interview, the developer acknowledges that The Elder Scrolls Online is developed with "some" crunch, though he also mentions that it's just "part of game development."

ESO's Matt Firor Addresses PVP Concerns After Negative Stream Clip Upsets Players

Matt Firor, Game Director for The Elder Scrolls Online, took to the ESO forums today to address player concerns over PvP and the dearth of updates on fixing the game mode's issues. This is seemingly in response to a statement made on a stream by Creative Director Rich Lambert's wife, Terri, response to concerns about PvP's issues.

Interview: Elder Scrolls Online Now Boasts Over 19 Million Lifetime Players As Deadlands Launches November 1st

During a livestream earlier today, ZeniMax Online Studios announced quite a few tidbits for Elder Scrolls Online fans, including the reveal that the MMO now boasts over 19 million lifetime players in Tamriel.

Companions, Deadlands And Avoiding Formulaic Updates - An Interview With Elder Scrolls Online's Creative Director

The Elder Scrolls Online is returning to familiar places with this year's update, but with some new features to go with them. We spoke to Rich Lambert about the companion system, as well as how the team avoids being seen as formulaic now that a release cadence has really been set in stone throughout the years.