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Blade & Soul Teases Their 14th Class - A Dual Blade Wielder

In a short video depicting a new dual-blade wielding character, NC Soft has officially announced the upcoming release of their 14th class. Apart from the inclusion of dual blades, not much else was detailed in the video, but some information has been divulged on the on the official Blade & Soul website as part of the Revival update.

Blade & Soul Unreal Engine 4 Overhaul Page Gets An Update, Talks Breaker System, Subscription Info And More

The Blade & Soul Revival Unreal Engine 4 overhaul page has received an update, this time talking about equipment, the breaker system, combat UI and more.

Blade & Soul's Unreal Engine 4 Update Brings With It A Streamlined Battle UI Along With New Battle Response System

In an update to the Unreal Engine 4 splash page, Blade & Soul announced a few more features players can expect with its upcoming engine overhaul. Revival, as it's called, brings with it a more streamlined battle UI, as well as improvements combat with a new battle response system.

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