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Red's Read - Genshin Impact

Red Thomas discovers Genshin Impact, a surprisingly enjoyable game that may be ideal for some readers. Red gives his impressions of the game with his typical eye for anything kid-friendly and also with his typical consideration for price.

Red's Read on Two Games

Red Thomas takes a look at Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and explores how the two games give us an interesting view of success and failure in surprisingly similar business models. Will your game get called out or will it get the virtual fist-bump from Red?

Red's Read on Conan Exiles Crafting And Survival

Conan Exiles has had its crafting tree updated. Red Thomas logs in to explore how the game has changed and whether or not this is something that players should be excited about. Have you really been itching to get your crafting/survival on? Red's thoughts might help guide your next steps.

Red's Read - Hammerting

Red Thomas explores the world of Hammerting and gives his impressions of the new Early Access title. Interested in doing your share of "diggy diggy holes" and enjoying a life in halls of stone? Are you the sort of person who eschews the glow of blue moons for the glittered beauty of precious metals and rare stones? Then grab your picks and follow Red.

Red's Read On Cultist Simulator

Red Thomas explores the unexpectedly uncommon horror in Cultist Simulator, a game that captures Lovecraftian dread better than most. Looking for a game to fit the season, and perhaps the year 2020 in general? Red gives his thoughts on the game and who might enjoy it, and perhaps touches on something a bit darker for those who would hear the Lantern call.

Red's Read on The Survivalists

Red Thomas walks readers through how he went from frustration to recommendation while playing The Survivalists. Minus a few minor issues, this could be a serious game to watch for fans of the survival genre.

Red's Read On Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 has released to Early Access with little fanfare, but Red Thomas steps up to take the title on so that it might not go quietly into the night. Red's thoughts on Early Access with respect to RPGs and how Baldur's Gate 3 compares to other available titles that are skipping theaters and releasing direct to readers.

Red's Read on Dual Universe

Dual Universe is now in beta and Red Thomas gives the game a shot after having been a backer since the crowdfunding campaign. Red works through some of his thoughts about his time in the game so far and describes who might and might not be interested in checking the game out.

Red's Read On Niche

Red Thomas tries the self-styled "genetics survival game," Niche after his niece calls the game to his attention. Red discusses some of the unique aspects of the game that he found interesting and offers his recommendations on who should consider purchasing it.

Red's Read On The Crowfall Beta

Crowfall is now in beta, so Red Thomas calls the ArtCraft team to talk about their plans and takes a little time to give the game a try for himself. Red gives his impressions and thoughts as he explores the state of Crowfall and some of the ups and downs players might expect while trying the game during the beta.

Red's Read on Battle Brothers

Red Thomas tries out Battle Brothers on a whim and takes reads through some of what he liked and didn't like about the game. It's a game that holds up well in the last three years, but how does it hold up to its price point on the Steam Store?

Red's Read on Online D&D

Red Thomas fights anti-social tendencies with social distancing by playing Dungeons & Dragons online. ...as in playing the pen-and-paper RPG using online tools, rather than the MMO. How does the online experience compare to the more typical Knerds of the Dinner Table event? Red gives his take in today's article.

Red's Read on Starborne

On a whim, Red Thomas takes a look at the "MMO" space strategy game, Starborne. Red regales readers with his operatic tale of space adventure and gives a little insight into who might find the game interesting and who should probably avoid it.

Red's Read on Space Haven

Finnish indie group Bugbyte released Space Haven in May. Red Thomas finally has time to check the game out and regrets only that it took him so long. Red walks readers through some of what he liked so much about the title and who should consider picking the game up.

Red's Read on Take-Two

Red Thomas gives his read on the Take-Two situation regarding the development of Kerbal Space Program 2 as reported by Bloomberg in June. Bloomberg's reporter likely got a few things wrong and Red levies his experience as a business owner and having been subcontracted on a number of occasions to provide some perspective.