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When Was the Last Time You Celebrated an Achievement? | One Good Roll

Grats! You leveled up! Do you remember when you would log into the game and grind out that level, and as soon as your XP bar would *ding* you would get a wave of support from the community of fellow gamers around you? What happened to celebrating your achievements and the achievements of others?

Do MMORPGs Have a Positive Impact in Your Life? | One Good Roll

This week's One Good Roll was inspired by a now deleted post Steven happened upon on the MMORPG Reddit over the past week. He poses the question, If someone were to ask you to weigh your experiences with MMORPG's, how would you perceive gaming has impacted your life?

Albion Online's AMA Talks PvE And Hints At Potential Console Port

Albion Online hosted an AMA last week, and some of the information to come out of the event might call for a raised eyebrow or two.

Ashes of Creation AMA Scheduled for June 13

The next AMA for Ashes of Creation has been announced. That date is June 13. Read on for more details.

Profane Is An In-Deveopment Sandbox MMORPG From Insane, Check Out Its Recent Reddit AMA

Profane is billed as an open PvP, full loot sandbox MMORPG in development from creator INSANE Game Studio, and the team behind the upcoming MMO just recently hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything, diving into the game in progress.

Elyon Posts AMA Follow-Up, Talks Battlegrounds, Russian Distribution, And Dailies

Elyon hosted an AMA on the MMORPG Subreddit earlier this month, however there were plenty of questions they couldn't get to. So the team working on the upcoming MMORPG took a second crack on the subreddit to answer them.

Elyon Developers Talks PVP And PVE Content, Servers And More In Reddit AMA

Last night, Elyon's developers took to Reddit to answer questions from the community as they head into the upcoming closed beta test scheduled for next month. The Ask Me Anything, or AMA, ranged from topics pertaining to PVP, PVE, the servers Elyon will be hosted on, as well as questions about the cash shop and pricing structure.

Elyon Is Hosting An AMA This Week On Reddit

Elyon (the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm) is ramping up its communication with its Western fans as it preps for its upcoming closed beta test. This week the Elyon team is doing an AMA on the MMORPG Subreddit.

Genshin Impact Devs Respond to Community About Zhongli Feeling Underpowered

Following complaints from the community that Zhongli feels underpowered, the developers behind Genshin Impact have provided a statement with their own perspective.

Riot Responds to Community Concern Over Valorant's Framerate and Performance

Riot has taken to Reddit to answer the community's concern regarding performance in Valorant.

Fractured AMA Discusses Price and Future Testing

A recent AMA for upcoming SpatialOS MMO, Fractured, was held over on the Reddit where things like pricing and upcoming tests were discussed.

Sandbox MMO 'Fractured' Reduces Alpha Prices

Sandbox MMO Fractured has announced a reduction in prices for their Alpha.

Recent Corepunk AMA Reveals Detail on Housing, Mounts, Professions, More

On the back of a closed beta targeting December, the Producer and Lead Game Designer for upcoming Corepunk hosted an AMA on Reddit earlier touching on player housing, map size, and more.

Star Citizen Community Reddit Poll Asks What Features Will Be Pushed from 3.11 to 3.12

A community new poll on the Star Citizen Reddit asks the community which 3.11 feature they feel may be pushed to 3.12.

Ashes of Creation Team Wants Your Thoughts on Multiboxing

Following the AMA over the weekend, the Ashes of Creation team have posted a Dev Discussion all about multiboxing.