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Season Eight Opens the Battle for the Sea of Thieves With Ship Combat and More

A new season has begun in Sea of Thieves, with "The Battle for the Sea of Thieves" update, with its rollout of two factions to potentially choose to support, opt-in PvP ship combat, new rewards, and secrets to uncover.

Sea of Thieves Opening Season 8 Tomorrow, Bringing Opt-In PvP Ship Battles Between Factions

 Season Eight of Sea of Thieves is coming tomorrow, and one of the major changes on the way is opt-in on-demand PvP via ship battles.

The Community Gets to Decide Characters' Fates in Sea of Thieves' Latest Adventure, Return of the Damned

In the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure, Return of the Damned, players will collectively pick a side that determines the fate of a major character.

Catch Up on the Threats Brewing Ahead of Sea of Thieves' New Adventure, 'The Herald of the Flame'

After releasing a trailer for "The Herald of the Flame", the next Adventure, Sea of Thieves now has a lore-rich preview recapping just where things have gotten to at this point and what's at stake next. 

Sea of Thieves' Next Adventure, The Herald of the Flame, Brings Back a Familiar Face

The next Sea of Thieves Adventure, The Herald of the Flame, brings back a familiar character, who has a highly dangerous new project.

The Sirens' Prize, Sea of Thieves' Latest Limited Adventure, is Live Ahead of Community Day This Weekend

It's time for the next chapter of challenges in Sea of Thieves. The latest Adventure, The Sirens' Prize, debuts today ahead of this weekend's Community Day.

Sea of Thieves Fixes Issues With Captaincy Update, Including Enabling All Milestones to Earn

A new Sea of Thieves update addresses some of the known issues and enables the previously-unavailable Milestones added last month.

Sea of Thieves Update Begins New Adventure, But Some Issues With Persistence and Captaincy Remain

A Hunter's Cry, the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure, is out today, with an update that balances Milestones, fixes errors, and more.

Sea of Thieves 'A Hunter's Cry' Adventure Launches August 18th, With a New Trailer and Milestones Update

A Hunter's Cry, the latest Adventure for Sea of Thieves, is out this week. Meanwhile, there are some adjustments to the recently-introduced Milestones system.

Sea of Thieves Season Seven is Live, So Time to Use Those Ship Names You Came Up With

Captaincy and Season Seven are live in Sea of Thieves. You can buy, name, and customize ships, earn alignments and perks based on playstyle, curate your voyages, and much more.

Sea of Thieves Previews Captaincy and Customization Update Set for August 4th

A new preview video for Sea of Thieves does a deep dive into the Captaincy update coming this week, and detailing how it opens up the game to play your way.

Sea of Thieves Pushes Season Seven, Ship Captaincy Update, Back to August 4th

Season Seven for Sea of Thieves has been pushed back to August 4th for polish. The major update is set to add Captaincy and ship customization, changing the game.

The Forsaken Hunter, the Newest Adventure in Sea of Thieves Brings Mystery and a Masked Assailant

The newest Sea of Thieves Adventure, The Forsaken Hunter, is now live. And Merrick has gone missing. It's your job, of course, to solve a mystery and catch a masked assassin.

Sea of Thieves Offers a Recap of Its Who Killed DeMarco Mystery and Teases With New Clue

A new Adventure and new season are coming to Sea of Thieves next month. There's a new trailer coming Monday, but for now, there's a new recap of the DeMarco mystery along with a new clue.

Become a Captain, Name, and Customize Your Ship When Sea of Thieves Season Seven Arrives July 21st

Captaincy is coming to Sea of Thieves when Season Seven beginc on July 21st. Buy, name, and customize your very own ship. The update will also bring a new cash-in points system, new progression rewards, and more.