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Interview: RamenVR CEO Andy Tsen Talks Zenith: Infinite Realms And How They Hope It Reignites Interest In Their VR MMO

VR MMO Zenith: The Last City finds itself at a crossroads, and its new free-to-play version, Zenith: Nexus is being touted as a way to help save the MMO itself. We sat down with RamenVR studio head Andy Tsen to talk about the challenges the MMO has faced, and the direction behind the new Infinite Realms mode.

Zenith: The Last City Improves Matchmaking, Makes the Celestial Throne Easier to Get to In New Update

the latest Zenith: The Last City patch brings mproved matchmaking, clearer access to reach the Celestial Throne, and more Drift animations and lines.

More Details on The Celestial Throne, Zenith: The Last City's first Major Update

More details about The Celestial Throne, the firstmajor update for Zenith: The Last City are out with patch notes detailing the six new dungeons and raids, new rewards, gear, dozens of new quests, and more.

The Celestial Throne is Coming to Zenith: The Last City With Six Instanced Dungeons and Many Hours of Content

Prepare for The Celestial Throne. Zenith: The Last City will be getting its first major update, with dozens of hours of content, including six new instanced dungeons, new systems, and quality of life changes.

Help Out the Zenith: The Last City Team Test its Patch Today and Get Two Referral Points for Your Time

The Zenith: The Last City needs help testing its upcoming patch, and those who can make a playtest this afternoon will be able to walk away with two referral points for their time.

Zenith Tests Upcoming Core Architectural Upgrades on PTR as an Integral  'Minor Update'

The future of Zenith will depend on core architectural upgrades, according to the team at RamenVR. To that end the developers have released a new architectural update that's ready for testing on the Public Test Realm. The implementation of the new architecture will allow for more interactive gameplay features in the future.

Zenith Devs Show off Upcoming Instanced Dungeon, The Seething Depths, and Talk Upcoming Content

Zenith: The Last City dev Ramen VR has released a sneak peek at The Seething Depths, an upcoming 4-person mid-level instanced dungeon, and an update on what else is to come.

Zenith: The Last City Gets Some Helpful Additions and Polish and a New In-Game Referral System

Zenith: The Last City is getting a new update that fixes quests, adds inventory space and organization, and adds an all-new referral system.

Zenith: The Last City Developer Ramen VR Gets New $35M Funding Round and Looks Toward Major Growth

Ramen VR has landed a new $35m investment that will grow Zenith: The Last City, doubling the studio size and expanding the game into cross-platform interconnected experiences.

Zenith: The Last City Update Will Fix Several Issues With Players Getting Stuck, Godstones, and World Events

An update for Zenith: The Last City fixes several bugs impacting the player experience, including getting stuck or allocations or equipped godstones being undone on logout.

VR MMO Developer RamenVR Is Donating Up To $100K To The Ukranian Red Cross For Humanitarian Aid

RamenVR, the studio behind VR MMO Zenith: The Last City, announced today that they will be donating the first $100K in income from game sales this week to the Ukranian Red Cross. This is in an effort to send more humanitarian aid to the war-torn country as it fights off Russia, which invaded last week.

Zenith: the Last City Opens Up Its PTR as New Patch Fixes Some Pressing Bugs

RamenVR has opened up a public test realm (PTR) for Zenith: The Last City. The game also got a hotfix to address a few pressing issues.

Zenith: The Last City Fixes Bugs and Early Game, Adds 23 Side Quests, a Dungeon, a World Boss, and Invasions

Zenith: The Last City update adds 23 sidequests, a brand new dungeon, world boss, invasion events, and an improved new player/early game experience.

Zenith: The Last City Review In Progress Part 2

Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMORPG, has been out a week, and Kevin has been leveling up as an Essence Mage Tank. While the release had server issues, RamenVR quickly moved to implement fixes. Now that the initial launch has somewhat settled. Is the game fun? Are there issues that could turn some players off? Read about what Kevin has noticed so far.

Zenith: The Last City Devs Talk Launch, Reveal The Cyber Ninja, And Detail 2022 Roadmap

Zenith: The Last City devs RamenVR have released a 2022 roadmap, with the game's third class, the Cyber Ninja, also revealed and detailed.