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Preview - Checking Out VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City's Second Alpha

Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMORPG by RamenVR, had its second alpha at the end of July. After the first alpha, the developers have been busy adding features, content, fixes, and a few bugs. From cooking to zip lines, check out Kevin's thoughts on the second alpha phase and insights from Andy Tsen, Co-Founder/CEO of RamenVR.

Zenith: The Last City Expanding Development After Raising $10m in New Funding

Development continues on upcoming cross-platform VRMMO Zenith: the Last City, and developer Ramen VR has raised $10m in Series A funding after the closed alpha.

You Can Wave To Get NPC's Attention In VR MMO Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City is showing off a new way to interact with its NPCs today. Turns out, simply an act of waving will get their attention.

VR MMO Zenith Delays Second Alpha Again, Shows Off Gliding Quests

Back in May the Virtual Reality (VR) MMO Zenith: The Last City (Z:TLC) stated that they will be delaying their Alpha until July 10th. Recently, a new Alpha-Beta Timeline dropped pushing that second Alpha out a couple weeks until July 24th. The Alpha, if the schedule holds, will run until August 1st.

 Zenith: The Last City Alpha Impressions - Hands On With The VR MMORPG

Zenith: The Last City, by developer RamenVR, had its first alpha test earlier this month. Even though this was a more traditional alpha, as a VR MMORPG inspired by JRPGs, was it fun to play? Does it have the potential to be a long-term home for VR players? Read on to check out Kevin's thoughts on the first alpha.

Zenith: The Last City - An Interview With RamenVR's Andy Tsen About The Upcoming VR MMO

Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMO by developer RamenVR, is heading into Alpha next month. As one of only a few VR MMOs currently in development, Zenith may appeal to the fans of existing MMORPGs looking for a certain aesthetic. Kevin had the chance to ask Andy Tsen, Co-Founder/CEO, questions about the game to find out more.