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Zenith: Infinite Realms Opens New Season, Frostrealm, With New Biome, New Lighting Magic, and New Boss

Zenith: Infinite Realms Season 2: Frostrealm, is now live. The new season adds a brand new biome to the game, a new boss, and additional features like lightning gesture magic, and some new cosmetics.

Zenith: Infinite Realms Gets New Mini Bosses, New Gates, Cosmetics, and Fixes in Ramen VR's Mid-Season Patch

Zenith: Infinite Realms has just gotten its first mid-season update. Ramen VR is adding new content to its recently-released co-op session-based game, along with new cosmetics, feature updates, and fixes.

RamenVR's Zenith: Nexus Release Angers Fans, Experiences Steam Review Bombing

With their release of Zenith: Nexus and their free game mode things were supposed to change for the better for RamenVR. Here's what happened instead.

Free to Play Co-op Game Mode, Zenith: Infinite Realms, Launches Tomorrow, February 27th

Zenith: Nexus, will open tomorrow, with the launch of Zenith: Infinite Realms, the new free to play session-based co-op RPG mode alongside Zenith: the Last City.

Zenith: Infinite Realms Open Beta is Now Live

The next phase of Zenith is on the way with the free to play, session-based co-op VR mode, Zenith: Infinite Realms. Ramen VR has announced that open beta is now live.

Ramen VR Talks Co-op Zenith: Infinite Realms: Procedural Generation, Lessons Learned and Improvements

With the next chapter of Zenith: The Last City and upcoming free to play co-op Zenith: Infinite Realms, approaching, the Ramen VR team is taking us behind the scenes and talking about their goals in approaching this next step in the Zenith universe.

Zenith: The Last City's Next Phase Includes a Zenith: Infinite Realms, a Free to Play Co-op Action Adventure RPG

Zenith: Infinite Realms, a new free to play procedural action-adventure RPG with a seasonal model will join Zenith: The Last City in Ramen VR's efforts to grow their community and maintain both games.

Ramen VR CEO Opens Up About Major Changes Coming to Zenith: The Last City, With Pre-Alpha Signups Open

The Zenith: The Last City team opens up about major changes coming, with first pre-alpha starting this week.

Zenith: The Last City Might and Mastery Update Coming Tomorrow, Along With Meta Quest 3 Launch

VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City, will get its next major update, Might and Mastery, tomorrow, October 10th, on the same day Zenith launches on Meta Quest 3.

Zenith: The Last City Announces Might and Mastery Update, With Overhauled Skill Tree System, and Leaderboards

Zenith: The Last City's next major update, "Might and Mastery" is coming. The update that will revamp the whole skill system, add leaderboards, change godstones, and add a number of fixes and quality of life changes.

Zenith: The Last City To Overhaul Skill Trees to Be More Visual and Offer Deeper Player Choice

Zenith: The Last City will be getting a major skill tree overhaul. The team is previewing the upcoming changes, which add more player choices and a more visual journey.

Zenith: The Last City Expands Skyland and Adds World Events With Rings & Ruins Update

Zenith:  The Last City has released its Rings & Ruins update, adding a new area to Skyland with new quests and activities, new pets, and a number of fixes.

Zenith Rings & Ruins Update Will Add New Zone, More Skyland Story, Public Events and Improvements

The Zenith: The Last City team has announced the upcoming Rings & Ruins update, and a number of server closures that will happen this week.

Zenith: The Last City Unveils New Zone with Patch 1.3.1

Zenith's latest patch introduces a plethora of changes, including balance adjustments, bug fixes, and an exciting new area for players to explore.