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World of Warcraft Game Director Comments on Raid Timing

World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas chimed in on raid launch timing on Twitter earlier explaining how the team tries to avoid timing conflicts.

Sony Shares Tips For Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Players As New Mode Releases Today

Today, Sony's update to its summer blockbuster, Ghost of Tsushima, goes live bringing a multiplayer mode to the Samurai epic from Sucker Punch.

WoW Classic World First Includes 40 Paladins Clearing Classic Molten Core on Live Servers

In a world-first on live servers for the same realm, it looks like 40 Paladins from the Sulfuron-EU realm have cleared Molten Core in WoW Classic.

Blizzard Opening Second Wing of Castle Nathria LFR on Friday for WoW Shadowlands Raid Testing

Get ready for August 28 as Blizzard will be opening WoW Shadowlands raid testing for the second wing of Castle Nathria LFR.

I Bunkered Down Into the New NieR Raid (Spoiler-Free)

The new Nier: Automata raid is a hectic delight, even if Black Mage main Victoria has her qualms.

TERA Migrating to 64-bit Client in August

In case you missed it, TERA is migrating from a 32-bit to a 64-bit client at the beginning of August. Here's what you need to know.

Yes, It's Possible To Defeat WoW Classic's Onyxia Naked

Well. World of Warcraft's Onyxia was defeated by a group of naked raiders you guys.

WoW Shadowlands Alpha Build 34972 Datamine Reveals Info on Customization, Dungeons, More

A recent datamine for World of Warcraft Shadowlands has revealed some addition information regarding customization, dungeons, and more.

Division 2 Title Update 10 Releases June 16

Title Update 10 for Division 2 is set to arrive on June 16, bringing balance changes and more.

Armored Warfare Receives New Raid Event During Spirithaven Season

Armored Warfare has received a new midseason Raid event during the Spirithaven season.

Microsoft's AI Is Making Raid Bosses Even Harder

Microsoft shared new AI details which apparently create unbeatable raid bosses.

LOTRO Update 25.4 Out Today, Brings New Raid

LOTRO will receive Update 25.4 today containing several tweaks for classes, crafting, a new raid, and more.

ESO Community Spotlight Looks at Raidplanner Tool by Woeler

A new Elder Scrolls Online community spotlight takes a look at the Raidplanner tool by creator Woeler.