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Cross-Platform Ragnarok Begins Opens Pre-Registration, Expanding Gravity's Classic Franchise

Gravity is once again expanding the Ragnarok franchise with the upcoming side-scrolling MMORPG Ragnarok Begins. The upcoming game, which takes players into the early ages of Midgard, has opened pre-registration.

Ragnarok Online is the Latest MMO to Get a Fresh Start Server

Fresh Start servers are having a moment. The latest MMORPG to announce a new server where players can roll characters and get a fresh start is Ragnarok Online.

The Mobile Reimaginging of Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Origin Launches on November 10th

Be prepared to step back into Niflheim when Ragnarok Origin launches on November 10th.

Celebrate Halloween in Ragnarok Online By Helping Jakk and Taking on the Corridor of Phantoms

Ragnarok Online is celebrating Halloween and bringing back more events, like the Corridor of Phantoms, with the latest update.

Ragnarok Origin Getting Mobile Release, Pre-Registration Open Now

Ragnarok Origins, the MMORPG from Korean developer Gravity, is receiving a mobile release. Pre-registration is open now.

Ragnarok 2 Elemento Art Contest Now Live

An art contest is under way in Ragnarok 2 where you'll be able to show off your artistic abilities to your fellow Midgardians. The contest is open for all and will of course feature rewards for the winners. Here are the rules and other details you need to know.

Ragnarok Online Receiving Sealed Shrine Update

Sealed Shrine is the next major update for Ragnarok Online featuring a new party dungeon. Here are the details.

Ragnarok Online Update Brings Battlegrounds

The first update for Ragnarok Online for 2021 is here and brings new modes like Battlegrounds.

Ragnarok Online Receives Illusion Turtle Dungeon

Ragnarok Online has received the Illusion Turtle Dungeon. Here's what's included in the update.

Ragnarok Online Maintenance Patch Brings Updates and Events

The latest patch for Ragnarok Online brings about it a renewal of sorts with several events.

New Ragnarok Online Update Brings New Location, Items, More

A new location, MVP, and more are hitting Ragnarok Online in the latest update.

Ragnarok Online Reveives New Region 'Moscovia' and New Classes

Ragnarok Online has received a new update, bringing with it a new region called Moscovia, in addition to new classes.

Ragnarok Online Receives Rachel and Ice Cave Update

The Rachel and Ice Cave update has released on Ragnarok Online. Here's the scoop.

New City and New Class Arrives in Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online has received a new update which includes a new class and more.

Ragnarok Online Receives Transcendent Classes

Ragnarok Online has received Transcendent Classes in its latest update.