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Interview: EVE Online's Devs Talk Crazy Week, Future of EVE Online

Quadrant 4, Phoenix, hit EVE Online last week, bringing with it monumental shifts in New Eden for the future. We sat down with CCP's Bergur Finnbogason and Sæmundur Hermannsson to talk about the crazy week, and the future of EVE.

EVE Online's Wild Changes The Last Few Days Have Got Me Hooked Again

There are so many unknowns in EVE Online right now thanks to the events of the last few days. What do all the gate fluctuations mean long term for New Eden? How will capsuleers recover and regroup with the formation of TrigSec, or T-Space? Bradford dives into why he feels more excited than ever to undock and fly in EVE Online.

CCP to Upset the Order of EVE Online in Quadrant 4: Phoenix

CCP has announced the fourth and final EVE Online quadrant for 2020 as the Triglavian invasion is coming to an end. The new quadrant is called Phoenix, and we have a trailer.