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Pre-Viking Tolkien-Inspired PvP Brawler 'Midjunard' Out Now

If you like Tolkien and the pre-Viking history, you might want to check out Midjungard, a new PvP brawler available on Steam.

Ashes of Creation Dev Update Shows Off Early Combat Footage

In the latest dev update for Ashes of Creation, the team showed off early combat and much more.

Wurm Online Patch Brings Several PvP Changes

Several PvP changes were outlined in a recent Wurm Online patch. Here are some highlights.

For Glory! Four MMOs That Get Straight Into PvP Action

For those with steel-like nerves and an ultra-competitive personality, PvP in an MMO is all that matters. If you can't go around ganking level 10 players out in the starting town, what's the point of exploring the rest of the world? But diving straight into PvP can take some time. Here are four MMOs that let you jump straight into the blood pumping PvP action.

Legends of Aria Experimental Server Sees PvP Adjustments

The experimental server for Legends of Aria is set to receive several adjustments to PvP as part of the latest patch.

Horde Players Deny Alliance Victory in 10-Hour Struggle in WoW Classic

In a move showcasing true craft in WoW Classic, a bunch of Horde players denied Alliance players from ringing the Scarab Gong. Here's how they did it.

Here's 20 Minutes Of Elyon RvR Content

If you're looking for more Elyon gameplay footage, here it is.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Brings Back PvP Trinkets with CC Break Functionality

Blizzard has shared that PvP medallion trinkets - called CC break trinkets - will see their CC break functionality restored in World of Warcraft's upcoming Shadowlands expansion, which is currently in beta.

Dual Universe PvP Demo Impressions

Dual Universe is one of the most anticipated space MMORPGs in development right now. With a new subscription model coming in August and boasting a bevy of options in the way that you can build and interact with the world, Novaquark was kind enough to bring us in to watch a full-scale PvP space-battle unfold, and answer a few questions along the way. Will Dual Universe's PvP scratch that space battle itch?

PvP Receives Focus in Star Citizen Dev Video

A recent Star Citizen Calling All Devs video looks at PvP and what the future of PvP gameplay holds for the universe.

LOTRO to Receive Bombadil PvP Server This Week for The Tournament of the Twins

The Lord of the Rings Online will see a PvP server opening up later this week to prep for Tournament of the Twins.

New World Gameplay Video Showcases War Mode

A new 16 minute video showcases some War Mode PvP gameplay from New World.

Legends of Aria Hosting PvP Feedback Chat in Discord Tonight

The Legends of Aria team is set to host a PvP feedback chat in Discord tonight at 8p ET.

ATLAS' New World Map Deploys in July

Atlas is receiving a new world map in July on both PC and Xbox One.

Dual Universe Gets New PVP Trailer

The sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe has released a brand new PVP trailer today that showcases the depth and scale of space combat.