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World of Warcraft Patch Brings New PvP Brawl, Twitch Drops and More

The Seeds of Renewal update released on January 16, 2024 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, and this week there will be a new PvP Brawl, Twitch drops for players to collect, and a weekly bonus event for World Quests.

Nexon is Removing All PvP From Vindictus After January 23rd and Looking Towards 'Better' Content

Nexon has announced that they will remove PvP from Vindictus on January 23rd. The team shared an update detailing all of the content changes and what to expect.

TRIBES 3: Rivals Officially Revealed With Gameplay Trailer, Coming To PC

TRIBES 3: Rivals has officially been unveiled by developer Prophecy Games after reports circulated that the long-dormant franchise was seeing a revival.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Begins PvP Season 3 With Less-Grindy Arena Missions, Point Overhauls

Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP Season 3, "Reign of Glory", has begun, bringing some adjustments and changes to competition. 

WoW Classic's PvP System Is Being Revamped To Eliminate The Pressure To Grind All The Time

World of Warcraft Classic's PvP ruleset looks to be getting a revamp to make it easier (and healthier, as Blizzard notes) to earn Honor in the MMORPG.

EVO 2023 Breaks All-Time Registration Numbers; 7000 Entrants Alone For Street Fighter 6

The Evolution Championship Series, or EVO 2023 is on the horizon as the in-person player competition announced its final registration numbers for the iconic tournament. Shattering registration numbers from previous events, Street Fighter 6 has seen the most attention, garnering over 7000 entrants alone.

What Is Your Most Memorable PvP Moment In An MMORPG?

PvP in MMORPGs - sometimes it can define a player's enjoyment for good or ill. Being PKed or being part of a massive takedown of an enemy can be invigorating in any game. Bradford is looking back on his most memorable PvP moment in any MMORPG.

Preview: Deceive Inc Wild And Crazy Stealth Experience Is An Absolute Blast

With its retro 70s Spy aesthetic and interesting take on the social stealth sim, Deceive Inc hits early access today. Bradford had a chance to go hands-on before the beta test and, while still rubbish at stealth games, came away still as hooked on the idea as ever.

EVE Online's Faction Warfare Revamp Is Already Producing Great Player Stories

EVE Online's Faction Warfare revamp is meant to shake up PvP in low sec systems, giving players more reasons to undock and fly against their fellow capsuleers. And one even last week shows that CCP's changes might be working, producing some great player stories.

World of Warcraft Devs Are Inviting Players To Test Dragonflight PvP With Them

Dragonflight's launch is around the corner, and the World of Warcraft developers are inviting players to test PvP ahead of the November 28th expansion launch.

The Largest EVE Online PVP Free For All Event Is In Jeopardy Thanks To Opportunism

The largest player-run free-for-all PvP events in EVE Online is now in jeopardy thanks to the opportunism of one of the MMO's most notorious Alliances.

Old School RuneScape Players Hit It Big With 16 Billion Gold Bounty; OSRS's Largest Ever

A group of Old School RuneScape players hit the jackpot as they claimed a 16 billion gold bounty thanks to a PvP kill earlier this month.

The Top 10 Guild Wars 2 PVP Classes That You Need to Use

Want to check out PvP in Guild Wars 2 and want to make sure you've got the best build to take it on? Here are ten of the best PvP builds in ArenaNet's MMORPG to try out the next time you charge the battlefield.

Neon-Fueled Arcadegeddon Is A Co-Op Shooter That's Out Now On PC And Consoles

Arcadegeddon is a co-op shooter that sees players jump into a world flush with neon to defend their local arcade from a scary virus that threatens to shut it down. It's an interesting premise that sets up a world all about style, high octane action and getting the highest score possible to save Gilly's Arcade.

ESO's Matt Firor Addresses PVP Concerns After Negative Stream Clip Upsets Players

Matt Firor, Game Director for The Elder Scrolls Online, took to the ESO forums today to address player concerns over PvP and the dearth of updates on fixing the game mode's issues. This is seemingly in response to a statement made on a stream by Creative Director Rich Lambert's wife, Terri, response to concerns about PvP's issues.