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10 Best Indie MMOs To Play In 2023 And Beyond

With new AAA MMORPGs failing to meet players' expectations and older MMOs slowly riding off into the sunset, what's an MMO fanatic to do? Turn to the innovation and uniqueness that only indie developers are willing to take a chance on. Here are 10 of the best indie MMOs you can play in 2023, and a few we're hoping to see come this year and beyond.

New Faction Contracts Might Earn You 'Prestige' in the Next Prosperous Universe Update

The Prestige update for Prosperous Universe is coming December 6th, and will introduce faction contracts. These common, uncommon, and rare contracts will be random and some may be uniquely rewarding for success.

Prosperous Universe Convergence Update Adds Private Contracts, Cancellations, and Gradual Ship Upgrades

The Convergence update for Prosperous Universe gets some new features as part of the game's Convergence update. The update features new ship enhancements and options, custom contracts, and even contract termination.

Massively Multiplayer Space Economy Sandbox Prosperous Universe Launches This Week

Prosperous Universe launches this week on Steam after some recent updates to improve available options for your potential planet-governing space trade sandbox adventures.

Prosperous Universe Overhauling Maps, Fixing UI, and Adding New Features in the Atlas Update

Prosperous Universe will get an update tomorrow focusing on overhauls to maps, new features, and many improvements.

Prosperous Universe Mobile Coming, Possible October Release

Prosperous Universe dev diary shares reflections on development, feedback, the state of the mobile UI, and how close they may be to a full release.