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UPDATED: Blizzard-Owned Proletariat Withdraws Request For Unionization Vote

Proletariat is dropping its request for a unionization vote under the National Labor Relations Board. The Activison-Blizzard owned studio initially declared the intent to unionize the full studio in December.

Proletariat Unionization Will Hold Anonymous Vote Via the NLRB, New Statement Released About Worker Talks

Unionization efforts for Proletariat will head to an anonymous vote after some workers may have felt pressured to participate. A new statement from the workers' group is optimistic about ongoing discussions.

UPDATED: Activision Blizzard Won't Recognize Proletariat Unionization, Sending Dispute to the NLRB

Activision Blizzard refuses to voluntarily recognize Proletariat unionization efforts, which will send the dispute over voter eligibility to the NLRB.

[UPDATE] Proletariat Workers Organize To Create The Proletariat Workers Alliance, Ask To Be Voluntarily Recognized

Proletariat, Inc, the studio that made the spell-slinging Battle Royale Spellbreak and recently was acquired by Activision Blizzard, announced today that the workers have organized into a union and are asking for management to voluntarily recognize the union.

Warcraft GM Talks Acquisition of Proletariat to Enhance World of Warcraft Development Pipeline

Blizzard has formally closed its deal to acquire Proletariat, and there's a brand new blog from Warcraft general manager John Hight, discussing their reasons for acquiring the Spellbreak developer.

Blizzard Acquires Spellbreak Dev Proletariat for Work on World of Warcraft, Spellbreak to Shut Down in 2023

Blizzard has acquired Spellbreak developer Proletariat, which will become part of Blizzard and work on World of Warcraft content. Spellbreak will shut down in early 2023.

Spellbreak's 5v5 Dominion Mode Reminds Me Of What I Enjoyed About The Game: The Combat

Spellbreak is releasing its next chapter update next week on April 8th, and with it is its new Dominion mode. A 5v5 mode that sees players fight over control points, it highlights what makes Spellbreak great: its combat.

Spellbreak Releases an Animated Trailer Celebrating Upcoming Chapter 1 Release

We're just 2 days away from Chapter 1 The Spellstorm in Spellbreak and the developers at Proletariat have put together an animated teaser to prep players for their first (post prologue) chapter. The chapter will roll out on all supported platforms December 15th.

Spellbreak Preview - Checking Out Proletariat's Solution For Worldbuilding In A Battle Royale

In the world of battle royales, Spellbreak is pretty unique in its take on the genre. A high-flying, spell slinging battle royale, Spellbreak is looking to solve one of the more pressing issues of the genre: world building.

Spellbreak Is Launching Its First Seasonal Content Update

Proletariat's recently releasedd spell-slinging battle roayle, Spellbreak, is getting its first content release. Titled Prologue: The Gathering Storm, the new update brings with it weekly quests, talents and an all new Clash mode.

Not So MMO: Spellbreak Review

Spellbreak, a late to the scene battle royale is making quite the splash in on gaming sites lately and for good reason. Out of the development team at Proletariat Inc, previously responsible for a semi-popular Twitch plugin called Stream Legends, has spent the last few years working on their own unique take on the battle royale genre and the results are in and it's a homerun in my book.

Spellbreak Launches Today on All Platforms

Spellbreak, the magical, stylized battle royale game, has released today on Epic Games Store, Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. In addition to releasing on all platforms, it will also be cross-play and cross-progression across all of the platforms.