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10 Best Indie MMOs To Play In 2023 And Beyond

With new AAA MMORPGs failing to meet players' expectations and older MMOs slowly riding off into the sunset, what's an MMO fanatic to do? Turn to the innovation and uniqueness that only indie developers are willing to take a chance on. Here are 10 of the best indie MMOs you can play in 2023, and a few we're hoping to see come this year and beyond.

Indie MMO Spotlight: AMAs, Rough Launches And Blockchains

In this week's Indie MMO spotlight, Mitch takes a look at Project Gorgon's town hall, Villagers & Heroes, the Tiny MORPG Book of Travels and much more.

Project Gorgon Adds VIP Subscription, Offering VIP Benefits Like Access To Offline Skill Training, Inventory Slots And More

Project Gorgon is adding its VIP subscription with today's patch, bringing perks to those who decide to pony up the montly fee for the indie MMO.

5 Common Promises MMORPG Developers Break

Broken promises aren't confined to MMORPG developers alone, but here's a short list of common promises we see developers of the genre make, and break, often enough to warrant a list.

UPDATE: Project Gorgon's Beta Concludes, New Update Oultined

Project Gorgon's beta has concluded with the team providing some information on an update which brings with it some changes and fixes.

'Summer Fun' Event Live in Project Gorgon

Project Gorgon has announced a Summer Fun event, in addition to a Steam sale coinciding with the event.